Fifth Grade

The students will begin the school year working on scientific investigation. They will be learning the steps and uses of the scientific method and how it applies to their discovery of new information. Students will complete hands on labs to demonstrate their understanding of the topic. Then the students will start one of the three scientific inquiry kits. The first investigation will be on Weather. They will learn information on weather verses climate, forecasting, data collection, high and low air pressure, weather maps, weather fronts, clouds, water cycle, hurricanes, tornadoes and weather folklore. Then the students will turn their attention to investigation of levers and pulleys. They will investigate all sic types of Simple Machines. They will work on the three classes of levers and how they are used in everyday life. Then they will work with pulleys, incline planes, wedges, wheel-axle and screws. Finally the students will work on the Models and Design kit. This kit will test their ability using critical thinking, planning, building teamwork and social skills. The culminating activity to this kit will have the students work in teams to construct a model go cart that will travel down a ramp unassisted and then make one that is self propelled.

Sixth Grade

The students at the Longwood Middle School will be using the latest Prentice Hall science textbook that has been written especially for students to meet the science standards for New York State. This textbook series captures the students’ imagination and interest in all three sciences: Life, Earth and Physical. It also gives the students opportunities to work on and strengthen their skills in reading comprehension, writing, math and technology. The Prentice Hall textbook has an added feature of being available on-line to help students prepare for their tests as well as allow parents to see what their child is learning first hand. It is an integrated multi-media program that includes digital labs and gives students connections with researches in real world situation. The topics that will be covered this year will include areas of scientific inquiry, work and machines, energy, weather, weather patterns, climate change, states of matter, classification of organisms, cell structure and function, ecosystems, Biomes and living things and the environment.


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