"The fifth and sixth grade Art program is designed to ensure that students receive instruction that facilitates their attainment of the N.Y. State Learning Standards. The Standards include creating, performing and participating in the Arts; knowing and using art materials and resources; responding to and analyzing works of art; and understanding cultural dimensions of the Arts. On each of the grade levels the Elements of Design (line, color, space, form, value and texture) are introduced and reinforced through various “hands on” projects. This is achieved on an individualized level, with the art teacher as a guide.

By using various mediums the concepts of positive-negative space, one point perspective and advertising design are some of the key concepts introduced in the fifth grade program. The fifth grade curriculum leads into the sixth grade curriculum. It encompasses and expands on the Elements of Design and various mediums. Key concepts include bi-symmetrical design, two point perspective and further study in advertising design including calligraphy basics and composition. Computer art may also be used to reinforce these concepts.

The Art program also teaches interpersonal skills, such as how to work in groups, respecting other’s ideas and work, following procedures and respecting tools and supplies.

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