The William Weeks Diaries



Sunday 1- Cold Somewhat cloudy- like snow- Father says the mercury was 4 below zero at 8O'c this morning. I went to the church before 10 O'c this morning & made a fire- At 11:00 I read the service and a sermon for New Year- Only a few present- Father, Mother, Mary & Archie- Dr. Holden & his wife- Mr. Whitbeck- Miss Isabella Hawkins & Robert & Annie, the help at Father's. I gave notice that the church would be closed until further notice.

Monday 2nd Clear and cold- cold north westerly wind- no thawing. I constructed three boxes this morning into two of which I put some earth & set out cranberry plants. Mary & the children went to father's about 12:00 & between 1 &2p.m. I went to the P.O. & thence to Father's where we all dined- The children all have colds and coughs- I kept up fire this evening till 12:oo on account of the cold- mercury down to 6 at 10 p.m. & wind blowing

Tuesday 3rd This morning at 71/2 O'c mercury at 4 below zero- The air during the day was milder than yesterday- I assisted Mary at our washing- Mary was anxious to do it & we had no opportunity to send the clothes to Huldah- I dressed some (2) raccoon skins & muskrat- Archie has been quite sick with his cold.- earache this afternoon- I gave him a partial pack this afternoon & he is relieved this evening- this evening I went to the school house to attend the debating meeting.

Wednesday 4th - Milder- almost calm -commenced snowing between 11 & 12 & continued this afternoon & part of the evening- a light snow of a few inches- I went to the swamp this morning and made some drains to carry off water from the muck-Afternoon, I drove to the station & procured a package of books sent by Mrs. Paige to the children- I shelled some corn, this evening. Mr. White & his wife & daughter Henrietta and Phillip leek came and spent the evening- till after 11O'c - We treated them to ice cream & c - Father came in- wrote for the cultivator & L. I. Star - to be mailed tomorrow

Thursday 5th Clear & cold- no thawing wind north westerly- We did not rise very early- after breakfast I dressed one skin (muskrat) - prepared two others to soften.- went to the P.O. & carried my letters & inclosed subscriptions- I rode back from the store & P.O. with Briant Overton & we stopped at Father's- he wished to inquire about Wampmissic. He is a land agent at present- About 10 O'c I went down into the woods & near the road cut down a pine tree and cut off several 4ft. sticks, which I split- this afternoon I looked over the papers- late in the afternoon Dr. Holden came in and staid some time. - Archie had an earache again this evening- I let him go out for a few minutes- Hally seemed to be sick at her stomach occasionally - we gave her a warm bath this evening & also last evening- She is asleep now 10 O'c p.m.

Friday 6th - the past night was cold- mercury at 4 this morning, probably lower during the night- I looked over the papers - between 11& 12 went into the grove & cut down a tree & cut it into convenient sticks- Dr. Holden called & dined with us - towards evening Mr. Osborn called to make some inquiries about surveying which he is studying.-

Sat. 7th - Milder - cloudy - I dressed two muskrat skins - went into the grove & cut another tree & c- afternoon went to the P.O. - father & Mother went to Dr. miller's and when they returned I took Mary, Susy & Jamie a sleigh ride around by Swezey's- poor sleighing- the children are better of their colds- rain this evening & quite fast.

Sunday 8th - the snow has disappeared- patches of ice here & there - the frost remains in the ground- the sun bright & the day calm -, mild & spring like - bees out- We remained home- very bright moonlight.

Monday 9th - Morning frosty - clear & pleasant - thawing on the surface- I drove to Wampmissic & carried my compass- retraced portions of my west line, where I am now having the wood cut off- on my return home I drove to the P.O. and finally reached here at 3 p.m.- Mrs. Homan (wife of Sylvester Mother of Catherine died yesterday at Patchogue, where one day last week she was thrown from a wagon & badly injured.

Missing Tues. 10- Weds 18

Thursday 19 - The day proved mild - pleasant - the surface softened a little - I went to the pond with the children & skated awhile- old ice and not very smooth- Went to Father's & procured an apple tree plank & this afternoon prepared upon it a form in which to make some strips for sled runners- I went to see Hallock this evening-

Friday 20 - Rather cooler this morning - the day proved pleasant- surface thawing - I took my bucket chains & c to the blacksmith to have snaps put put in the chains & the latter shortened & worn links removed -The children went on the pond to skate - about 12 O'c I drove to Mr. Tuttle's - he was not at home - On my return home, Mrs. Swezey (John) was waiting to have a tooth extracted - removed two- Afternoon, I prepared a steam box & steamed one runner & bent it in the form leaving it to dry.

Sat. 21 - Mild- fresh south westerly wind - surface softened- About 9:00 went to the pond with the children and skated a short time - ice softening- On my return home put on my long rubber boots and went to the swamp - pulled some tufts of grass & prepared some surface drains - Afternoon - With Mary, Mother & the children drove as far as Mr. Tuttle's & made a all - I went to the swamp again and remained till dusk - This evening chess with Mr. Floyd

Sunday 22 - Mild - calm & spring like - This afternoon I walked to the Presby chapel & heard a sermon read - On my way home called at J. week's & engaged his wife to come& sew for us.

Monday 23 - The surface froze slightly during the night- another calm & pleasant day - I assisted Mary at the washing - then went to the swamp both morning and afternoon & with Robert's assistance, carted off turf and muck - This evening, called at the store to procure some articles.

Tuesday 24 - Morning frosty- Afternoon cloudy - I arranged my notes for the evening debate - About 11 O'c I went to the swamp & carted out some muck, also this afternoon, muck & roots- Louisa Weeks came here today to assist in sewing  - Mrs. Hallock was here this afternoon & three of her children. This evening went to the school house to attend the debate- Which affords the greater enjoyment, anticipation, or realization? I discussed realization & the question was decided on that side.-

Wednesday - Some rain fell during the night - the day has proved pleasant - About 10 O'c I started for Mastic with Mother in the rockaway - We made a call at Mr. Floyd's & played a game of chess.-

Thursday 26 - Morning cool- day cloudy & prospect of snow- I went to Wampmissic with Father & trimmed a line from stone B to the Rail Road - we finished between 1 & 2 p.m. and returned home - the remainder of the day I felt quite fatigued - towards evening I went to the swamp & brought home axe, fork, & shovel.

Friday 27 -During the night there fell 2 or 3 inches of snow - Today mild & thawing - This evening frosty- I looked over the papers - copied one of my arguments introduced at the last debate- went to Father's - shelled some corn and copied some surveying notes for him - afternoon went to J. Hammond's shop & staid awhile - This evening attended the singing school.

Sat 28 -Frosty - cloudy- Afternoon flurry of snow - I carted some muck & put upon my garden - also this afternoon - I then spread what I have carted to day - This muck was drawn from the swamp last week- I prepared letters for the children (Susy & Jamie) to copy to Mrs. Paige.

Sunday 29 - clear & cool - sun bright - Father & Mother with Archie & Susie went to the Presby Chapel to attend the funeral of Sylvester Homan's little boy who died on Friday of the same disease with his two sisters - Homan has lost his wife & 3 children within a few weeks- This afternoon Ecford Owen called & I extracted a tooth for his little boy.-

Monday 30 - wind southerly - appearance of rain - afternoon the sun came out and the air was spring like - I drove to Wampmissic & inspected the wood, which I am having cut.- reached home between 1 & 2 p.m. - Went to the P.O. - on my return stopped a few minutes at father's  - Dr. Oliver Rice, his sister, Miss Mumford were making a call there - Jacob Osborn spent the afternoon with us - I extracted a tooth for him.-

Tuesday 31st Surface froze during the night - to day - mild & thawing - but towards evening, a fresh breeze sprang up from the north east - and the air soon became cold- about 9:00 snow began to fall - I looked over the papers - the children finished their letters to Mrs. Paige and they were put in the mail - Afternoon peter Curran came & carted two loads of muck for Mr. White- I rode to the Post Office with John Carter- I split a bit of white oak for axe handles.- brought the other sled runner from the swamp, steamed and bent it- This evening. attended the debating society at the school house - reached home about 9 O'c


Wednesday 1st - The morning opened with cold north westerly wind and snow still falling - 5 or 6 inches fell and drifted - Afternoon clear & cold - I looked over some papers - formed three axe handles, but did not finish them as wood is green. - afternoon went to the P.O.

Thursday 2nd - At 7:oo A.M - mercury 7 below 0 - The day was cold - Afternoon cloudy - I assisted to day in cleaning & measuring 91 bushels of wheat at Father's - It occupied the best part part of the morning & afternoon.

Friday 3rd - Cloudy - Cold - with occasional flurries of sun- I read some - Prepared a pattern & cut some Muskrat skins for a cap - did not succeed very well & put them to soften - latter part of the afternoon walked to the pond with Archie - It is frozen quite hard.

Sat. 4th - Two or three inches slight snow during the night - Today, cloudy - some flakes of snow- I went to the pond with the children awhile this morning - after clearing off the snow the skating was good - after dinner took a short sleigh ride with Mary & the children - On my return extracted two teeth for a Mrs. Swezey from Middle Island - next to the pond again for an hour or so & then called on Mr. Floyd & played a game of chess.

Sunday 5th- Cloudy - wind southerly - thawing some - We remained at home during the day -

Monday 6th - I assisted Mary with the washing - prepared a fur cap - sewed the pieces together & succeeded- afternoon, went to the P.O.- procured a shoulder from the smokehouse at Gerard's - went to Father's and put a batten on the cellar window - quite a tedious operation as the wood was very hard. - This finished the day.

Tuesday 7th - The sun came out bright, mild & spring like - Afternoon I adjusted the cap for drying - went to the swamp & worked a short time in securing turf- at 111/2 went with Father to the station - he started for New York with the train - Afternoon looked over the paper- went to the P.O. & then to the swamp & continued the same work I commenced this morning.- Thomas Homan died yesterday & John Randall the day before- both aged men.

Wednesday 8th - white frost - day clear & pleasant - afternoon cloudy - Robert & I went to Gerard's & took out from the smoke house the larger portion of the hogs - some were left not being sufficiently smoked - This evening Mary & I went to Hammond's-

Thursday 9th - Morning frosty - another mild calm & spring like day - I commenced an article upon the cell of the honey bee - went to the swamp for a short time this morning, came home & went at 11:00 to attend the funeral of Thomas Homan, at the Presbyterian church- at 3 p.m. went again to the border of the swamp. This evening Mary, Archie & I visited Mr. Osborn & his daughter, Mrs. Terry.

Friday 10th A roaring North west wind- cold - this forenoon I went to the swamp & spaded up quite a large surface of muck to expose it to the action of the frost - worked till nearly one O'c - I went down again this afternoon & laid plank for wheeling out the muck on an intended drain- also carted out several loads of muck.

Sat. 11 - Calmer, not so cold as yesterday - Afternoon cloudy & slight sun- This evening I did not go out - Last night between 12 & 1 O'c I was seized with a cold - after applying some remedies, I felt better in the morning & rose & dressed but was again seized with great pain in my bowels - sent foe Dr. Holden - who gave me rhubarb , a tablespoon full to be repeated every three or four hours - I suffered all day - no relief- took injections & c - hot cloth applied to the bowels-

Sunday 12th - The ground was white with snow, which partially disappeared during the day - I did not rest any last night - was up much during the night - pain still continues- continued rhubarb and injections - did not eat anything-

Monday 13th - Milder - the snow has disappeared - I slept but little last night - very restless - pain & c - The Dr. continues his visits - I took some castor oil with a tea spoon full of turpentine - I kept the most of it down, but in about a hour after taking, vomited much of it up- have had occasional turns of vomiting every day - I had to some better discharges from my bowels to day - have eaten a little this afternoon - An application of turpentine externally which burnt me.

Tuesday 14th - A slight rain during the night - morning cloudy, afternoon brighter- I had occasional naps last night - but aching bowels prevented much sleep - felt relieved towards morning- but bowels continue very sore - This has been my most comfortable day- have sat up - lain down looked over the paper & eaten something - taken no medicine.-

Wednesday 15th Morning cloudy - afternoon snow storm set in- I passed rather a restless night - quite severe pain for half an hour. - Today feel sore and constipated - passed the days as well as I could - ate a small piece of chicken breast and some roasted onions- Mary went to the store and procured me some figs of which I ate towards evening.- Dr. Holden called & spent the evening and about 7 O'c I had relief from from my bowels- have taken no medicine (drugs) to day.

Thursday 16 - When the morning came - the snow was still falling and continued this forenoon - Afternoon cleared off . snow several inches deep - about as much as at any time this winter - I slept a little the early part of the night but my bowels were painfully empty and I did not sleep for many hours.- I ate some gruel and eggs for breakfast which refreshed me & I have passed quite a comfortable day - but am weak & some in the bowels - read the papers & made some plammets for the children -

Friday 17 - the weather has become colder during the night & the wind blew freshly from the north west - snow drifted - Today. clear and cold and windy. - I slept a little during the night - some pain & c - passed a tolerable day- looked over the papers - a cot was arranged for me in the west room- as I cannot lie all night & wish to get up & sit by the fire.-

Sat. 18 morning cloudy - soon commenced snow storm & continued till sometime in the afternoon when it commenced raining rapidly- I passed quite a comfortable night & felt better this morning, but after breakfast of rice & steamed bread with butter, I did not feel as well - I commenced arranging my article upon the hexagonal cell.- headache this evening

Sunday 19 - Weather changed in the night - some snow fell- to day wind north westerly - cold - I was obliged to sit up twice during the night- have passed quite a comfortable day- think I am gradually recovering.

Monday 20 - Clear- not very cold - sleighing good- I passed a tolerable night - sat up but once - some pain after lying awhile - Over fatigued & strained my bowels by the work I did on Friday before I was taken & this has been the chief cause of my difficulty - the colic was complicated with it - I have not suffered much today - finished first article on hexagonal cell. - read & c.- rode to the P.O. with father in the sleigh - This with walking out to the wood shed this morning is all that I have been out doors for more than a week.-

Tues. 21 The sun came out bright & warm - Thawing- Father took us all a short sleigh ride - I remained in the sleigh while he was having some of the horses shoes set. - The sun poured down very hot, and when I returned home, I had a sick headache- afternoon, was sick about my stomach - I then took a partial wet sheet pack and remained in it two hours - evening I felt better - To day I am 39 years old.

Wednesday 22 - morning cloudy - slight rain - Afternoon high southerly wind and rain - snow disappearing - I did not sit up last night, although I was not entirely free from pain- I went to Father's & sat awhile this morning & then walked to the P.O. - looked over the paper & this afternoon, made an iron toasting fork for Mary. I have passed a comfortable day, except a slight headache.

Thursday 23 - The ground is now free from snow - mild - calm - cloudy - with occasional glimpses of the sun - I put two new wheels to a little wagon for Hally to draw - afternoon completed and fitted an axe handle & c - feel pretty well.-

Friday 24 - calm & mild - the sun came out pleasantly this morning. afternoon cloudy - I scraped off the thawed surface of some muck heaps on the garden - could not spread all because they were still frozen - procured some bees & compared the antennae very carefully with the size of the cells. - swept and cleaned some dirt from the cellar and arranged some pots of plants near the cellar window. Afternoon - walked to the P.O. - went to father's & shelled some corn - spent a little time in trimming a natural scythe - Mary took tea at Mrs. Hawkins

Sat.  25 - A light snowfall during the night which slowly disappeared to day - clear but cool - I made a trap for playing ball for Archie - completed another axe helve and partly finished a third this afternoon. - towards evening I went to the swamp and carted out a few loads of muck on the line of my drain - This evening walked to White's and staid a few minutes.-

Sunday 26 - Morning frost - clear & cool today- we remained at home - reading -

Monday 27 - Morning frosty - fresh southerly breeze - clear & pleasant - I wrote to H.G. De Forest acknowledging receipt of a pair of skates sent me by him - Mr. Osborn called to get some instructions in the use of Gunter's scale - at 11 O'c I went to the swamp & carted out some muck from the drain - Went down again the latter part of the afternoon.-

Tuesday 28 Another mild & pleasant day - cloudy towards evening - I continued work upon the drain - Wm. Osborn called to make further inquiries - I went to work again the latter part of the afternoon - evening attended the debate.

Wednesday 29 - Cloudy & damp -cooler & mild - I continued work upon the drain & finally before night cut it entirely across -  & cut off the water.- After dinner went to the shoe shop, smith shop & P.O.


Thursday 1st - Rainy - wind southerly - mild- I wrote part of my article upon the hexagonal cell - looked over the newspapers - Afternoon went to the P.O. & c - nearly finished another axe handle - commenced a small sled for Jamie

Friday 2nd Mild & pleasant fresh north westerly breeze - clear - I wrote a letter to Chas Floyd - went to the swamp & worked at a drain near the upland. also a short time this afternoon - White & his wife came here about 4 O'c & spent the evening , also D.K. Gildersleeve & wife - by invitation - Father & mother also came in & all took supper with us.-

Saturday 3rd - Slight frost this morning - morning pleasant - afternoon cloudy- and rain this evening - I finished the upland drain this forenoon & the water flowed freely - Afternoon H. Overton came for me in his wagon & conveyed my surveying instruments  to his house where I regulated his boundary lines - I went to the swamp again and laid some plank & c - Mr. & Mrs. J. Hammond here this evening.

Sunday 4th Clear high north westerly wind - we remained at home - Between 1 & 2 p.m. I went to work upon the tooth which has annoyed me so long the roots alive remaining, and after a tedious and painful operation I proceeded in extracting it in two pieces.

Monday 5th -Clear frost this morning - Today high southerly wind - I assisted Mary at our washing - Then went to the swamp & removed the turf from a strip - Afternoon went down again & carted out muck - also gathered some cranberry plants set out last spring & which the frost had thrown quite out of the ground- Towards evening went to Father's and shelled some corn for the chickens - my jaw quite sore.

Tuesday 6th- Mild & spring like - the bees out .- I went to the swamp & carted out muck - till after 12:00 - Afternoon, remained at the house - examined some of the hives- had a headache & jaw still sore - Mr. 7 Mrs. Grinell, & M.A. Mills called - for a short time- Mary and I attended the debate at the school  house- Question, which is preferable, City or Country life- Dr. Holden made an address & the winter session closed.-

Wednesday 7th Some snowfall fell during the night & during the day, a moderate & chilly rain - I pared a quantity of apples - finished a small sleigh for Jamie - copied an account for Father & c.

Thursday 8th Cloudy 7 damp with some rain during the afternoon. - I copied a letter & advertisement directed to A.H. Muller.- I came home about 11 O'c & found Mulford Homan here - He wished an opinion respecting the collection of a school bill in his district - & finally remained for dinner - Afternoon, I went to the P.O. called at the Smith's & shoe shop - I finished an axe handle & c.

Friday 9th storm of rain & snow during the night - snowing this forenoon wind north easterly - snow did not accumulate & this afternoon disappeared altogether as the weather cleared & the sun came out - north westerly wind - I made a cap for a hive & c- This afternoon went to the swamp & removed some turf - Robert (father's man) cut his foot this afternoon.-

Saty 10th Clear - cold, north westerly wind - I went to father's this morning to do some of Robert's work - after breakfast I wrote to Paige to answer a letter recd from him yesterday. & then went to father's & shelled some corn & put up some wheat - harnessed the horses & carried it to mill.- about 11 O'c I went to the swamp & carted out muck till soon after 12. - Mr. Osborn was here in the afternoon , but I went to the swamp at 21/2 p.m. & carted out muck till dusk- Finishing the piece from which I had taken the turf yesterday.- called at White's for a few minutes this evening also at the store

Sunday 11th Cold- North westerly wind - We remained at home reading-

Monday 12 - Cloudy - slight rain - wind southerly- I assisted Mary at our washing - Did some work in the work shop - Afternoon, went to the smith shop - evening return home, I cleaned out the poultry house - Then harnessed the horses & went to mill for my flour -This evening called to see Tobias Cook & wife & saw some of the curiosities procured by him in the Mediterranean -

Tuesday 13 - morning cloudy - before 12 O'c hail - Afternoon snow & a cold storm generally - snow did not accumulate - I worked awhile in my shop - went to father's and assisted in harnessing the horses - he went to Patchogue- I then went to the swamp & removed some turf- Afternoon carted out a few loads of muck & brought my tools to the house.

Wednesday 14 - The sun disappeared- a northerly wind & not very pleasant - I added a little to my 3rd article on the hexagonal cell - went to the swamp & carted out muck- J. Taft & his wife & child called here - The child was not very well & they wished for some advice-

Thursday 15- Clear, mild & spring like - This morning went to the swamp & removed turf- came home between 11 & 12, wrote a note to a person in Boston - carried it to the P.O. Afternoon, I went to the swamp again for a short time- This evening called at White's & then called upon Mr.. Floyd and played chess.

Friday 16 - Clear and pleasant - I went to the swamp & carted out muck, also this afternoon - & finished the removal of that below the upland drain - trimmed the grape vine this morning & c.

Sat 17 - Cloudy - wind easterly - afternoon southerly- glimpses of the sun- I went to Wampmissic with Father - I took account of J. Albin's wood - extracted two teeth for Joseph Taft's wife - we reached home soon after 12. - Afternoon had a headache - went to the border of the swamp and trimmed some sprouts & cut up by the roots some bushes & c

Sunday 18 - Clear, pleasant, - spring like - we were at home during the morning- Afternoon I went to the Baptist church. Observed the bees gathering pollen from the flower of the skunks cabbage - They were gathering it some days ago but I did not know where they procured it.-

Monday 19 morning pleasant & afternoon cloudy - I assisted Mary at our washing - Then went to the swamp & prepared some ground which I planted last spring, but it being too wet, the plants would not grow - Afternoon I went to the P.O. - & then went to the swamp & commenced putting in order & replanting the ground which was planted two years ago - the frost having thrown up the plants - cutting out roots.

Tuesday 20 - Morning cloudy slight rain- afternoon pleasant - I worked at the cranberry plants cutting out roots & c- We hear of the death of Edwin Carnes - he died at Pilatka, Fla. about a week since. - Dr. Holden called in this evening-

Wednesday 21- Morning cold- north westerly wind - variable- afternoon cloudy slight squalls of snow- cold wind- I worked at the plants but could not do much on account of the cold- spent most of the time in cutting up roots- bushes by the roots & c - Last evening I burnt a heap of bushes which Archie & the others collected.- cleaned up-

Thursday 22 - Morning cloudy - & cold - froze hard during the night- afternoon snowing with intervals at evening, the ground whitened- I went early to the swamp & stopped the water in order to flood my cranberry plants - trimmed some sprouts & c- Afternoon Mr. Osborn called and remained till nearly 5O'c - I went to the swamp & cut down & cut into lenghts of 4feet quite a large pine tree- cold this evening & windy-

Friday 23 - cool during the night - clear & milder today - the snow disappeared - I prepared some parchment paper for a diagram of the line between Queens & Suffolk - also some rollers - went to the swamp & split the pine tree I cut last evening - Afternoon, I went to the P.O. - &c on my return went to the swamp, & split another pine tree & c

Saturday 24 - Cool - high north west wind - Afternoon, brief snow squall - Before breakfast I sowed some of father's wheat  with clover seeds- went to the swamp & worked awhile - conveyed father to the station - he starts for New York. Afternoon carted the wood I cut to the woodpile & also some turf to put around the trees.- settled a barrel into my spring- evening played a game of chess with Mr. Floyd.

Sunday 25 - Cold - windy & disagreeable out of doors - we remained at home reading.

Monday 26 - Morning frosty - I sowed some more clover seed - assisted Mary at washing - went to the swamp & cut out some stumps & c also this afternoon - copied my first article on the hexagonal cell - wrote some advertisements for Cornelius Rourke - Towards evening, let off my pond & burned some heaps of bushes. (weather clear & windy)

Tuesday 27 - Clear & cold air - wind northwesterly - dry - I went to Bellport this forenoon & procured a load of boards - Jamie & Archie went with me- Afternoon, I put the boards into the upper part of my wood shed - went to the store & P.O.- Mrs. Owen & her daughter Sarah spent the afternoon & took tea, I went to the swamp & cut a single stump.-white birch-

Wednesday 28 - morning frosty - the day clear & pleasant - I sowed some more clover seed - after breakfast again drove to Bellport, Mary & Archie went with me. - I procured some floor boards, small strips &c - we reached home about 12 p.m.- at 11/2 p.m. I drove to the station for Father who returned home, I had a headache but went to the swamp & reset some more cranberry plants & took up a basketful to remove the moss from them at the house - cut around a white birch stump and removed it.

Thursday 29 - Morning frosty, & chilly wind southerly- I finished sowing the clover seed- M. Petty commenced cutting my wood - I finished my copy of article for the scientific American & carried it to the P.O. - On my return. I went to the swamp & put the ground in order, from which the cranberry plants were removed.- Afternoon, I picked over my basket of plants, & carried them to the ground & reset them- &c -

Friday 30 - slight frost - mild and pleasant- I picked over more plants, and about 10O'c went to the swamp & reset them - Mary, Holly and the others except Archie went with Father & Mother to Moriches to have Holly's daguerreotype taken but the artist was absent- I prepared dinner - Afternoon, picked over a few more plants & reset them - The children recd presents from Mrs. Paige.

Saturday 31 - Wind southerly - mild - pleasant - I prepared some more plants & was at work setting them when Nelson Higgins came to have a tooth extracted. It was badly decayed but I succeeded in removing it. Afternoon, assisted by Robert, I took up two Maple Trees & planted them in front of Father's house- I planted some lilac bushes along the road in front of my house- This evening chess with Mr.. Floyd.-


Sunday 1st - High southerly wind - misty & smoky atmosphere - slight shower towards evening - This afternoon I went to the Presbyterian chapel to attend the funeral of Mrs. Edwards, whose maiden name was Puah Overton.

Monday 2nd - The wind changed during the night & a little snow fell- high and cold north westerly wind today - I assisted Mary at the washing - prepared three diagrams of Wampmissic, for father, sent one to Wards - went to the swamp & set out plants, cut out roots & c - also in the afternoon & towards evening went to the church lot & assisted in burning the refuse from the hedge, which father has had cleared out-

Tuesday 3rd - cold & high wind - south by west - dusty - froze quite hard last night- I opened some soft clams, - they were excellent for breakfast - went to the swamp & removed roots- Afternoon, went  with Father & Mr. Floyd to Coram to attend the annual town meeting, a great crowd there.-On our return assisted by the children, I piled some wood at the wood pile.-

Wednesday 4th - mild wind southerly - Afternoon cloudy - a sprinkle & this evening rain - I copied my second article on the hexagonal cell - went to the swamp & cut out roots. Afternoon I transplanted some more lilac bushes to the side of the road in front of my house.-

Thursday 5th - pleasant - mild- I finished writing 2nd article & c- went to the swamp & reset plants & c - also this afternoon & cut out some roots.-

Friday 6th - Rain fell during the night - to day clear & cool - I opened more clams - went to the swamp & reset plants, also this afternoon - This evening, Mary & I walked to White's & remained a few minutes.

Sat. 7th - pleasant - wind southerly - afternoon cool.- I finished this forenoon resetting plants- & c- Afternoon, I looked over the papers - then worked awhile at cleaning off the remains of a hedge fence near the swamp - went to the store this evening to procure some articles.

Sunday 8th - Morning cloudy - presently commenced raining - steady & plentiful - afternoon, not as much - this evening lightning & thunder - & more rain - About 10 O'c A.M. I went to Father's & read the service and a sermon- Elbert Jones was there- he arrived with the last evening train.-

Monday 9th - Damp & showery - I assisted Mary at our washing- Horace Overton called & wished me to write two deeds for conveyance between himself & D.K Gildersleeve- I was occupied the forenoon in preparing them- Afternoon, I sharpened my planes & c - & towards evening I took up some strawberry plants (Peabody's) & carried part to Mrs. Owen & part to Hallock, also called at Overton's and Gildersleeve's & left each a deed to be executed-

Tuesday 10th - Cloudy & damp towards evening drizzle - I planted one young pear tree and dug deep holes for setting eight more - Sold 16 fowls to Sereno Overton for $7.00- This evening called upon Mr. Floyd & played chess.

Wednesday 11th - Rainy this morning - The sun came out for a few minutes & the day continued cloudy -

Thursday 12 - clear - slight frost - morning pleasant - afternoon cool & fresh southerly wind - I sawed some wood - went to the swamp & after putting in some stakes at the water level, i let off the water. I removed the turf around several pear trees & put into the holes designed for other trees - afternoon - I took my compass & chain & went to Gildersleeve's & laid out the lot for him and Sereno Overton - Overton was there and G. arrived before I left. White & his wife called about the time I reached home, & I took up some strawberry plants & c. - This evening went to the store, & carried J. Hammond two or three pear trees.-

Friday 13th - Clear - furious westerly wind - calm at evening- shower between 8 & 9 A.M. - I stripped the bark from a locust root & part of the root about an old tree to dry- (35ft.) - I continued work upon pear trees & planted the eight  in the holes I prepared- Raked off this part of the garden & burnt the heaps this evening

Sat. 14 - High south westerly wind - rain between 11 & 12 and slightly during the afternoon- Cleared towards evening - I planted two more pear trees & 2 quince - & raked together some corn stalks & burnt them as the rain commenced- Afternoon, with Robert's assistance removed some of the sand gravel & loam which came from the holes prepared for the pear trees- also carted up two loads of coarse muck to put about the pear trees.

Sunday 15 - Ice formed during the night - to day clear & quite cold - north westerly wind- I went to church about 10 O'c & made a fire and at 101/2 O'c read the service and a sermon - quite a number were present.

Monday 16 - White frost - then cloudy - commenced raining between 11 & 12 O'c & afternoon rainy. - I assisted Mary a little at the washing - picked over & bunched a few cranberry plants - cleared off the hedge bank near the swamp & burnt a portion of the trash- went to the store about 9 O'c & procured some articles- afternoon sharpened some axes. - & c

Tuesday 17 - morning damp Afternoon cleared mild & pleasant.- I wrote to Munn & Co. & inclosed the 2nd article on the hexagonal cell - worked in my shop & constructed a bee hive - Afternoon I prepared places for planting some New Rochelle blackberries - This evening, I stopped over to White's & carried him a few white currant bushes.

Wednesday 18 - Fresh northerly wind - cooler - clear- I spent some time before breakfast in drawing the water out of my well in order to clear it of some insects, which had fallen into it- I dug about the dwarf pear trees & enriched the ground planted currant bushes & worked about the gooseberry bushes near the bee house- feel some what fatigued.

Thursday 19 - Morning frosty - forenoon pleasant - afternoon wind southerly- I worked about my pear trees - preparing the 3rd article on the hexagonal cell - The latter part of the afternoon with Robert's assistance carted 4 loads of turf from the heaps near the swamp & put them about my trees & c - walked to Robbin's this evening & called also at White's-

Friday 20th - The day proved pleasant - afternoon distant  thunder - Mr. H. Robbin's called between 7 & 8 & I gave him some strawberry plants, quince trees & c - arranged turf about the gooseberry bushes - trees & c - Afternoon I planted in my grounds about 40 Lawton blackberry plants, & also at Father's about 50 more - Robert brought two loads of manure and I assisted him in spreading it upon the ground designed for my asparagus bed.- I went to the swamp * procured part of a load of turf.- This evening - went to the store for a few minutes just before dinner, The wife of Peter Curran called with her little girl to have a tooth extracted - it was extracted

Saturday 21 - I dug up asparagus seedlings - wrote to Uncle Edward - telling him I had plenty of plants- went to the swamp & or rather the border of the stream- Planted a small quince tree near the swamp. Afternoon Robert came over & we commenced plowing but the rain came & put a stop to it- I prepared a drawing of a bees head, for my 3rd article & c,- Mary is nearly sick with a cold in her head & eyes.

Sunday 22nd - Rain during the night - also damp wind north easterly - this forenoon & rain at intervals - some fine hail- We did not open the church - I went there before the hour to notify any who might come, but saw no one - I returned home & read one of H.W. Beecher's sermons- We kept near the house - Mary's cold & inflamed eyes a little-

Monday 23 -Mild & pleasant - I took our clothes to father's for Annie to wash - Repaired a hole near the N.W. corner of Apiary for a pear tree, which I planted there this forenoon - removing much earth & planting with muck- It is one of those which I grafted last year - Robert came with the horses & we finished plowing the ground for my asparagus & also plowed some more of the garden- This afternoon Dr. Chapel called - I planted two rows of asparagus and am much fatigued-

Tuesday 24 - Clear - cold - north westerly wind - This forenoon I finished the 3rd article on the bees - I directed it to Munn & co. & carried it to the P.O.- Afternoon, I planted two more rows of asparagus & finished - Mrs. J. Carman called with her son & I extracted two teeth for him.

Wednesday 25 - Ice formed during the night - Today all sorts of weather - wind southerly this forenoon & chilly - Afternoon, cloudy - some rain, hail, snow & c mingled - chilly.- I went to father's to get some corn - copied a letter for him to Revd. Davis - packed asparagus roots in a barrel for Uncle Edward - Afternoon went to father's to plant potatoes.- we furrowed the ground, but were interrupted by the storm. I cut a quantity of potatoes for planting - after six carried to the station the bbl.

Thursday 26 - A slight snowfall during the night - the ground white this morning - snow disappeared during during the forenoon- high north westerly wind - I wrote quite a long letter to Uncle Edward giving him my views of how to plant an asparagus bed. - carried the letter to the P.O. - returned home & excavated for a maple tree near the south door.- Afternoon removed the turf around the pear tree, & covered the surface with swamp turf - Later in the afternoon, went to the swamp & selected a maple tree and cut around it & loosened it, preparatory to removing it-

Friday 27 - Clear & pleasant -afternoon, wind southerly.- With Robert to assist, removed a load of the dirt I threw out yesterday & spread it along the road leading to the Locust lot.- brought back a load of muck & put into the hole, then went after the Maple tree, having with Robert's assistance previously removed it from the swamp.- We put it in place- and filled in- I went to father's to see how he wanted several things planted.- Afternoon went to father's & planted peas. potatoes, sweet corn, beets, parsnip- finished about 5 O'c- Revd. Mr. Dowdney arrived with the evening train, - he called here and I went with him to father's - This evening I set fire to the brush & c. cleared from the old hedge fence-

Sat. 28 - clear & pleasant - I cleared off the refuse around the maple tree & shortened the stock - drove the bees from a hive, counting dead brood- saw the queen- she has laid a few eggs- there were 3&4 in some of the cells- Robert harrowed my ground.- Afternoon, Justus Roe called to see me about asparagus roots.- I went to the P.O.- planted some peas & potatoes in my garden. Grafted a pear tree with Bartlett. Walked as far as Mrs. Owens to tell Dr. Holden of Mr. Dowdny's arrival - Mr. Dowdny & father came in to see us this evening.

Sunday 29 - Clear and chilly wind easterly- I went to the church about 10 O'c & made a fire- Mr. Dowdny performed the service - about 40 were present- Mr. Clayall came for Mr. Dowdny from Patchogue.- I dined with them at father's & Mr. Dowdny went to Patchogue after dinner.

Monday 30 - Clear - wind in the afternoon south easterly - I went to the swamp & cleared off some roots & planted some cranberry plants in a trench - Mrs. Robert Hawkins called & I extracted a tooth for her..- Afternoon, I drove to Bellport & procured some boards for father and some for myself- Gildersleeve went with us, reached home between 5 & 6. Went to Hallock's about dusk & carried him two pear trees & procured some lettuce plants.


Tuesday May 1 - cloudy, wind north easterly - shower in the afternoon- We expected to commence planting corn in the field but the appearance of the weather deterred us- I went at work and planted potatoes & during the afternoon sweet corn, parsnip & beet seed. - set out a few lettuce plants at father's - feel much fatigued.

Wednesday 2 - wind n.e.- cloudy- showers occasionally- I looked over the papers- not feeling very well, from over exertion yesterday. I trimmed my fruit trees - afternoon went to the P.O. - removed dirt & c from the cellar.

Thursday 3 - some rain fell during the night. This morning, cloudy- variable, afternoon, mild & pleasant - I repaired a tub- Put a piece of looking glass into my flagstaff. - Afternoon, put swamp turf about 3 pear trees, commenced work at Mary's flower garden.- heard a whipplespoon this evening.

Friday 4th - clear & pleasant - I finished Mary's flower garden- field completed - I assisted in putting in the poundsette and dropping corn - nearly finished today.

Sat. 5th - Clear & pleasant - I prepared father's potatoes for planting- the field corn & potatoes both finished to day- This afternoon, I went to the swamp & forked over a piece of ground near the upland intended for cranberries. This evening walked to White's to leave "Scientific American"

Sunday 6th - Clear & pleasant- warm - I went to the church about 10 O'c & opened it- Mr. Dowdny arrived had arrived from Patchogue & at the usual hour commenced the service & delivered a sermon & then administered communion- we all went to father's & took supper.

Monday 7th - clear & unusually warm - We rose early - Mary did the washing. I removed turf from around the grape vine, wheeled some manure on to the garden- Robert came with the wagon & we procured  a load of swamp turf to put about grape vine, tree & c- then finished plowing my garden.- J. Osborn called about 11 O'c & I went to the swamp with him & prepared a _____ _____- he remained for dinner & I gave him some garden seeds.- I prepared some parchment paper for a diagram as that which I  prepared some time ago had become wrinkled - then went to the swamp & finished the ground which I commence Saturday & put some sand, & it is now ready to receive the plants,- I turned a heap of roots - this evening went to father's & tried to burn a heap of turf but it wasn't dry enough & I was able to scatter it to put out the fire- This added considerably to the labors of the day & my consequent fatigue.-

Tuesday 8th - Cloudy, wind easterly , slight rain - cooler.- I wrote to Hon. Chas, A Floyd, respecting monuments for Suffolk County line. - set out cranberry plants till 11 O'c.- went to father's & found a woodchuck in the trap I set yesterday. father went to New York with the 12 O'c train- Afternoon, I worked at the diagram & made good progress- Mr. Dowdny called in & late in the afternoon, I went to the swamp & set out more plants- this evening I walked to Mr. Overton's & asked him to clean my new clock-

Wednesday -9th Cloudy- wind easterly - cool - I regulated the path leading to the Apiary - removed the grass from the trunk of a peach tree & put around swamp turf- Mr. Overton cleaned my clock - I finished the diagram and put it on the roller - Afternoon, procured with Robert's assistance a wagon load of muck for my pit,- drove to White's & carried some beets for seed - transplanted a flowering almond around the graves of Jonah & Sarah Hawkins & c - planted some more cranberries - expect to go to New York tomorrow.

Thursday 10. - Wind still continues easterly - cloudy - sprinkle of rain - I went to Brooklyn with the early train. - arriving between 9 & 10. - Exchanged some honey for sugar & brought some other groceries- Went to New York & transacted some business - returned to Brooklyn & went with the 31/2 train to Brushville Queens. Father returned home with the same train - I walked from Queens, northerly about two miles to visit Uncle D.Y Jones.- He was at home & I spent the night with him- air somewhat chilly.-

Friday 11.- Morning cloudy - wind easterly - afternoon fair- Between 8 & 9 Uncle D took me to the station.- I came very near being left - the cars arrived at Brushville before me.- I went to New York and made purchases of various articles - Arrived at Uncle E.A. Weeks's to dinner, 5 p.m.- this evening went to see the California Menagerie, & c

Sat. 12 - Clear & pleasant - I left Uncle E's about 9 O'c & with my carpet bag, walked down Broadway, examined some sewing machines- Went to Brooklyn & purchased some dress materials for Mary & coats for myself - carried them to the depot - returned to New York & purchased some more articles & then returned home with the evening train. On the way I was informed of the death of Henrietta White, she died yesterday morning.-

Sunday 14. - Clear, calm, warm - Think there was a slight shower during the night - rain is much needed. I walked to White's before church time and saw the remains of Henrietta- Mr. Dowdny held service at the church at the usual hour- This afternoon attended the funeral at the Presbyterian chapel- Father conveyed White & his family,- An afflicting death.- J. Hammond & wife called in towards evening.-

Monday 15- Morning clear & warm - Thunder in the west at noon & afternoon cloudy, & the latter part showery.- I planted beans (bush) -pumpkin - cucumbers- citrou water & musk melons & some more "mercer" potatoes- also assisted Robert in carting some bushes off the lot- this afternoon looked over some papers - removed an althea & some rose bushes from the east side of the house.- Planted some dahlias in the flower bed - wrote up my journal for the past five days-

Tuesday 16 - clear & pleasant - cooler - I wrote to Uncle Edward- carried letter to P.O.. Painted the frame inclosing the reflector on my flagstaff.- assisted father in measuring the width of the highway and locating the line of the fence in front of the church and church lot.- Afternoon I looked over the papers - replaced a light in one of the windows. continued work upon a bee line - caught another wood chuck

Wednesday 16 - Chilly, southerly wind - partially cloudy - I planted some sweet corn - went to Patchogue with father & we reached home about 3 O'c- Towards evening, Hallie was taken with a convulsion which continued a few minutes - We applied cold water to her head & warm to her feet -she has not seemed very well today - somewhat feverish.-

Thursday 17 - wind southerly and chilly - morning sunny, afternoon overcast towards the latter part _ I planted some more corn - finished the bee hive and put seven others in readiness for painting - put in guide combs & c - wrote a few lines to Judge Floyd and carried the letter to the P.O. and procured some paint & oil - prepared the paint and painted the hives and caps - planted a long row (double) of the dwarf imperial peas. - Hallie rested pretty well last night, but has been fretful and feverish this afternoon.

Friday 18 - Morning cloudy - slight shower - this forenoon I planted some Lima beans - this afternoon , planted more corn- tomatoes- Boston squash -sowed cabbage seeds

Sat. 19 - Fine rain during the night & some this forenoon- cleared before 12 O'c - afternoon fresh southerly breeze, I prepared a stick to attach to my flagstaff- repainted the hives and caps & c.-afternoon, took Mary a ride nearly to the old school house & on our return, drove to Mr. Smith's to carry some asparagus which Archie cut & which Mr. Smith's wife requested - I put the muck over the pit- having taken out the last of the compost yesterday- This evening went as far as Mrs.. Owen's.

Sunday 20 - Clear- high north westerly wind - surface of the ground rapidly became dry - I read the service & a sermon at the usual hour in the church - Towards evening I walked to White's.-

Monday 21 - forenoon fair, afternoon, cloudy, some rain - thunder at cold spring - & thunder shower at Yaphank Wm Smith's house struck by lightning the latter part of the afternoon.- I started with the early train & went to Hicksville & thence about 12 O'c to Cold spring in the mail wagon arriving between 1& 2 p.m. _ I did not see the commissioner & after waiting awhile I walked to Uncle David's - & presently, I recd word that I was wanted at the Hewlett Mill dam - There I found Judge Floyd & Mr. Gilbert Carll, the latter had 12 monuments in his wagon. On the testimony of Jacob Hewlett, the line crosses the dam where the present waste gate and bridge is placed- So we erected a stone 60 links eastward from the middle of the south end of the bridge - we concluded to do no more today, as it was showery- I called at the house of John. D. Jones, and then returned to Uncle David's and spent the night.

Tuesday 22.- considerable rain fell during the night - this forenoon showery - Afternoon cleared off, warm - we continued the work of erecting the monuments along the line between Oyster Bay & Huntington at the several cross roads & reached Farmingdale between 2 & 3 p.m.- after obtaining some refreshments a monument was carried upon a wheelbarrow eastward towards the line and erected, north side of the R.R. Mr. Carll left at Farmingdale, & Mr. Powell took the remainder of the stones (6) & carried us (axe man & I) first on the Babylon road , where we erected a stone , then to the Amityville road, where another was erected. we stopped at Wilmot's for the night with the five remaining stones.

Wed. 23 - The day proved pleasant - Mr. Wilmot conveyed us to the head of the Carmen Brook where we cut the line through the woods to the north side of the swamp & erected a monument - We then went on to timothy Carman's & there I saw cousin D.R. Floyd Jones  who went with us to the toll gate and after locating the place of the line, we erected the last stone- Mr. Wilmot conveyed us to Farmingdale & I returned home with the 1 1/2 p.m. train- This afternoon I transplanted into father's garden some tomato plants sent to me by Mr. C.J. Smith- Mother went to New York.

Thursday 24 - Clear & pleasant - I did some work in the garden before breakfast - went to the swamp & prepared some ground near the upland for cranberry plants, by taking out roots & c. - I transferred bodily the cranberries which  I planted in a box two years ago- This afternoon took Mary & the children a ride-

Friday 25 - Fine shower during the night - to day clear and pleasant - I did a little work in the garden- This forenoon devoted to setting out cranberry plants after I had been to the store- I took Mary & the children on a short ride- Wm. Seabury came down with the noon train- I planted some cranberries in a flower pot- This evening walked to Hallock's-

Sat. 26 - Morning misty - forenoon the sun came out- this afternoon & evening, damp and showery- I went to the border of the swamp & cleared off turf & roots along the ditch- Afternoon could not do much out door work- this evening, walked as far as White's planted some peas from B. Smith.

Sunday 27 - Damp wind easterly, cloudy, but not as much rain- I opened the church at 10 O'c & at the usual hour read the service & a sermon (H.W. Beecher's) there were only eleven of us present.

Monday 28 - Rain fell during the night - attempts at clearing today- shower - this evening- I worked in preparing the boards for a closet & went to the swamp twice to superintend the charring, which has been commenced to day by Meyer ( a german)

Tuesday 29 - Clear & pleasant - a fine day- I went to Patchogue this morning & procured some sashes which I had ordered - came back by Bellport & procured some boards & c for well curb at Wampmissic - reached home about 1 Oclock- This afternoon, continued work upon my closet- This evening called in to see J. Hammond who is suffering from an attack of colec.-

Monday 30 - Morning pleasant - afternoon cloudy, & towards evening- Thunder shower.- I called to see Hammond, who is better- finished my closet except the doors- Afternoon, called at the school house to meet E.T. Hawkins. Mrs. Davis complained that the teacher did not hear children read often enough- planted over some seeds- I went to the swamp & put muck upon the ground which I partially prepared the other day.-

Thursday 31 - Considerable rain fell during the night to day- Cloudy damp, but somewhat fairer this afternoon.- I prepared a report respecting the boundary monuments,- went to the store about 11 O'c - Afternoon, went to the swamp to superintend the work.- after I had put glass into the windows framed them, worked up some old putty- I had just returned home, when white & his wife called & Archie came up to tell me that one of the men had cut his foot- White & I went down to the, but he had bound it up,- He trod upon his axe & cut the outside of his foot. I hope nothing serious.- Towards evening I put in the putty into sashes.


Friday June 1 - Morning cloudy - but presently the sun came out - warm - Late in the afternoon cloudy - & shower at evening- I rose early & finished puttying the sashes - About 8 O'c Archie & I drove to Bellport & brought home 500 bricks and a few boards - reached home about 1O'c & while unloading the bricks, a swarm of bees issued - hived them without difficulty - afternoon, went to the swamp & inspected the work, rested awhile & then spaded under some weeds & c in the garden- Mother returned home with the evening train.

Sat 2nd Some rain fell during the night - To day clear - wind north westerly & cool - I copied some papers- went to the swamp & continued work near the ditch making cranberry bed- Afternoon worked between 2 & 3 )'c & then went to Wampmissic with father, measured some wood and cut & carted Ivison Carter. reached home between 6 & 7 - hoed a little in my garden

Sunday 3 Clear & pleasant - warm - I went to the church at the usual hour & read the service & a sermon- not many present.

Monday 4th - Another fine day - clear - I hoed a little in the garden- After breakfast planted some meal corn in the lot - went to the swamp - took down some maple trees and continued work in preparing ground for cranberries. - went to the P.O. & carried my reports & accounts & mailed them.- Afternoon - I finished the bed, cleared off roots & c.

Tuesday 5th A shower early this morning & some slight showers during the day - cloudy - I put the cellar stove in order - S. Randall called to take a look at my cranberries- I washed some clams at the woodpile- They were very nice - went to the Smith's shop after dinner & tried to straighten the grate of my stove & broke it - I then fastened it together with wire- Went to Mother's & made some base handles & put them upon the drawers of a table - went to the swamp & planted some cranberries & took up a few maples.

Wednesday 6th Sprinkle of rain - pleasant - I rose early - worked in my garden - finished planting cranberries - cut up some trees in the swamp- Afternoon, used the cultivator over my asparagus and other part of the garden - This evening walked to White's.-

Thursday 7th Showery - warm- I hoed in the garden - Took down some maples at the swamp - interrupted by rain about 11 O'c- Afternoon, I put the moscheto frames in order, putting on new netting & c- Reverend  Mr. Statham arrived at Father's from Patchogue- I called to see him this evening .-

Friday 8th- The day proved pleasant till between 4 & 5 p.m. when we had a thunder storm - evening quite cool. I sawed some wood, which had been cut too long- worked in my garden & also in removing bees at the swamp. - Afternoon went to the P.O. - looked over the papers- went to the swamp, but had to head back on account of the shower- Mother & Mr. Statham called in this afternoon.

Saturday 9th - Clear - high north westerly wind, cool - I cut a little wood at the woodpile - forenoon prepared some posts for a small house for my workmen - selected a site & trimmed up trees & cleared off the ground - Afternoon, I put in the posts for the four corners - a swarm of bees issued & I hived them easily - went to the P.O. this afternoon

Sunday 10th - Clear - cool high north westerly wind- We attended church at the usual hour - Mr. Statham prepared the service - Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Wheatley & c came with Aunt Ellen from Long Wood - Mr. Statham went to Patchogue this afternoon - towards evening I walked as far as Hallock's -

Monday 11- Clear - high north westerly wind - cool- I hoed in my garden - reset some of the posts for the cottage - altering the position & increasing the size from 10 x 10 to 10 x 12 ft. - alternated work reading Scientific American- we are now having plenty of strawberries.

Tuesday 12 th - Went to the swamp & cut up some trees by the roots - Two swarms of bees issued between 10 & 11 succeeded in hiving them- The Dutchman who has been at work for me called between 11 & 12 - they have concluded not to work on account of the poison alder, which poisons them- Mrs. Williams. Mrs. Wheatley & c called here between 11 & 12 on their way to the station- This afternoon I put glass in some sashes, which I designed for the cottage.

Wednesday 13 - Clear, dry and warm - I hoed in my garden- put putty in the sashes prepared yesterday - went to the swamp & cut up some trees - a swarm of bees towards the middle of the day.- Afternoon i painted the three sashes upon one side - Towards evening I went to the swamp & stopped the water as the ground is becoming quite dry - cut up some more trees.-

Thursday 14 - Continues clear & dry - not as warm as yesterday- I hoed in the garden - went to swamp & cut up some more trees - came home about 10 O'c & went to father's to assist in performing an operation upon the Mare - Mr. Tuttle removed warts near the tail.- Afternoon, I walked as far as Gildersleeve's he was making a hive for Mrs. Randall. Mrs. Hallock & Miss Hallock (teacher) took tea with us - also White & his wife called and remained to tea - i went with White to look at the swamp.-

Friday 15 - wind southerly - morning warm- clear & dry- I hoed in my garden - picked some strawberries, which are now plenty- I went to the swamp and removed trees by the roots - I painted the other side of the sashes. Afternoon called about 12 O'c & I went with them to the swamp & measured the ground which they have. cleared - (100) square yards - I went to the P.O. this afternoon graded the ground where my cottage is to be located.-

Saturday 16 - Clear warm & dry - I worked some in my garden - picked strawberries - Robert came over & worked in my garden- I went to father's & planed the top of the doors which touched on closing - went to the smith's shop - afternoon, I cleaned up a portion of the cellar - preparatory to giving it a coat of cement- We expected Mr. & Mrs. Tuthill here, but Mrs. Tuthill could not come - Mr.. Tuthill came down to see father's mare - Mrs. Hewlett Hawkins took tea with us - Towards evening, I went to the cottage site & trimmed some trees, & removed the bushes.-

Sunday 17 Warm & dry & clear, except in the middle of the day, when there were some clouds with thunder in the north & east- we had no rain.- I attended church with the children - Mary was not very well & did not go - Mr. Statham performed the service- Towards evening Mr. Taft came here & executed a chattel mortgage, which I prepared - in account of a loan of $50. from father.-

Monday 18 - Warm & dry - clear except a slight sprinkle of rain this morning - I was about cementing the cellar- Had a clam roast in the middle of the day - Afternoon, continued work upon the cellar which dried slowly - Drove out the stocks of bees which came out a swarm on the first of June - The young had nearly all hatched - I saw the queen.

Tuesday 19 - Morning warm & clear - afternoon, slight showers - i rose early & did a little more cementing, and by 7 O'c was ready to leave home - I went to the Rail Road on the Moriches road & saw Mr. White & 2 men - I went to Franklinville having been appointed by Mr. Morris to act for the Co. (R.R.) in procuring from the owners an additional strip of land for snow fences. We saw the several owners and talked over the matter .- Mr. Thomas P. Youngs invited us to take dinner with him & we accepted.- after dinner we saw Mr. Williamson & Mr. Clark & Wells & talked with them. - We then went on with the train. - Mr. White to Greenport, but I stopped at the Hermitage in order to visit Mr. Buckingham- I rode part of the way there- Spent the night with Mr. B - county very dry.

Wednesday 20 - Some rain fell during the night & early this morning - the sun came out & pleasant - Mr. B. carried me to the station before 7 O'c to take the train - Mr. White & I stopped at Franklinville to see the men again & came to some conclusions, which we finally affected- we went from here on the hand car to Jamesport where we took the accommodation train and arrived at Yaphank soon after 12 O'c - this afternoon & evening, showery - I drained some honey - trimmed the pumpkin plants & c.- This evening walked to White's as I was informed that he had recd. some further instructions from the Resident.-

Thursday 21 - Clear & cool - I worked in my garden - planted some beans, transplanted ground cherry, towards evening cabbage plants.- picked some strawberries, afternoon, I went to the P.O. carried some strawberries to the store, went to Whitbeck's & procured some quart boxes.- The children filled some of them- White & his wife called towards evening.-

Friday 23 - Clear & pleasant - I rose early.- picked some strawberries, carried 5 qts to the store - went to the swamp & took up a few trees.- prepared deeds for the strips of land which White & I measured the other - Mrs.. Overton was here to dinner. Went to the P.O. after dinner - this evening drove to the station for father, who went to New York this morning.- & drove down again to procure a sofa which father purchased today.-

Sat. 23 - warm- clear & pleasant - I worked a little in my garden - went to Wampmissic with father- measured some wood cut & carted by James Raynor.- Father & I went over the wheat field at Wampmissic and pulled out the crackle, which is now in bloom. Carried 7 quarts of strawberries to the store today.- Afternoon I drew a diagram in each of the deeds I prepared yesterday.

Sunday 24 Clear & pleasant - We all attended church this morning except Susy, who came back from Sunday school to stay with Hally.- Mr. Statham performed the service.

Monday 25 - Clear and pleasant - somewhat warm - I continued cementing in the cellar - commenced putting a hive in order - altering it - the hive from which I drove a stock the other day - Went to the P.O. - Afternoon, continued to cement, Drove out two stocks, or rather swarms of bees - from hives which had sent out no swarms.- picked some strawberries & c- put my drained honey into jars. Joseph Taft brought his wife here, this morning and I extracted a tooth for her.-

Tuesday 26 - Clear warm and dry - rain needed - I rose early - Put down more cement, The last of my barrel- carried some strawberries to the store, the last which I expect to furnish - Altogether , I have sold 20 qts. within a few days - On my return home I finished the hive and applied a coat of paint - went to father's & put up some wheat to carry to the mill.- made ready & after dinner Robert took me nearly to the station (I walked the balance) and I went east with the passenger train (mail) - Mr. White and I left the cars at Franklinville - we called to see the different parties and completed six of the deeds out of the seven. One of the parties was not home. We went to Greenport with the evening train.-

Wednesday 27 - Clear, warm, today - We left Greenport with the early train- Stopped at Franklinville crossing - the person who we expected to see had not returned- I prepared the deed and left it to be executed - White & I walked through Franklinville to Jamesport station where we took the train and continued west at a tedious rate until we arrived at Lakeland where W. and I went to look at Mr. Young's cranberry plants - they are full of blossoms - We returned to Yaphank with the accommodation train  at 11/2 p.m. - walked home - Afternoon, I set out a cranberry plant which I procured at Young's - stopped the water at the swamp - pulled some bunches of grass about my house - I gave it to him.

Thursday 28 - Clear, warm & dry - I hoed Lima beans & c in my garden - went to the swamp and cut off the water- Roasted clams at the woodpile - Afternoon, boiled old combs and extracted the wax- drove out a stock of bees & appropriated the honey - Aunt May Brasher, Robby & Lockwood De Forrest arrived with the evening train & came to father's - I walked as far as Gildersleeve's this evening - to inquire about cement.

Friday 29 - Warm - southwesterly breeze - slight showers, but not enough to wet the earth - I hoed in my garden - Drove to the store & procured a barrel of cement- Afternoon, carried a quantity of wood into the cellar- Towards evening, went with the boys to the pond to try the perch, but did not take any & walked to White's.

Saturday 30th - Clear & pleasant - Father & I with White went to Wampmissic this morning & White & I measured some of my wood which has been carted - This afternoon, I went to the P.O. - cemented cellar - Went to Mrs. Owen's & extracted 3 teeth for Mrs. Robert Laws- Drove out a stock of bees - Miss Brasher & others took tea with us - White & his wife called-


July 1st Sunday - Morning cloudy & slight sprinkle of rain - Afternoon,  clear & cooler - rain is much needed.-

Monday 2nd - Clear & warm - The dry weather still continues - I assisted Mary at washing - a little more cementing - went to father's & looked over some minerals to give Robert De Forest. They went with the noon train - Afternoon carted two barrel loads of muck & put into the apiary box - put some wood under the shed, & watered some this evening.

Tuesday 3rd Morning clear & warm - Afternoon, cooler & partially cloudy. Robert came with the horse & we went through my garden with the cultivator - I hoed a little then put bushes to the Lima beans - cemented another strip. Roasted some clams - put some wood under the shed,- removed some honey from  a hive- shelled some corn- This evening went to the store & to White's.- Mary has made a cap and a pair of pantaloons for Archie to day- besides other work - I think of taking Jamie & Archie to New York tomorrow-

Wednesday 4th - Rain early this morning at Yaphank and at New York in the afternoon - calm & warm- I went with the early train to Brooklyn- Archie & James accompanied me - I recd. money from the R.R. Co. for wood - went to New York- & to Hammond street & went on board of the great Eastern- remained till about 3 p.m.  - heavy shower came on & we rode down town in a car, while it was raining - after taking some refreshments we visited the museum & saw the curiosity's, fat baby & c- we then went to the City Hall Park and witnessed the fireworks - About 9O'c we went to Brooklyn & spent the night at a public house on Atlantic street near the ferry.

Thursday 5th - Rain early this morning which presently ceased and the day proved pleasant - We went about New York & Brooklyn & made some purchases - and at 31/2 p.m. we took the car for Yaphank where we arrived in due season.

Friday 6th - Clear, cool & pleasant - I did some work in my garden - planted some beans, cemented, - put some wood under the shed, & c - About 5 P.M. went with Mary & the children to take a ride .-

Sat. 7th - Clear & cool - pleasant - I hoed in my garden - cemented the cellar- put wood under the shed - shot at the birds which are beginning to attack my raspberries - went to the store & c.-

Sunday 8th - Shower this morning - cloudy during the day - We attended church at the usual hour- Mary did not go as she had an attack of bowel complaint. Mr. Statham performed the service - Mr. Taft brought a load of eight in his stage from Bellport.-

Monday 9th - A fine shower this morning early - it cleared off warm bright fresh southerly wind- I did more cementing.- cleaned my gun and fired at the robin's - wrote a note to H.G. De Forest in answer to his of the 27th. - Carted wood under the shed - Extracted two teeth for Susy- This evening walked to White's

Tuesday 10 th - Clear & pleasant cool - I assisted Mary at the washing- finished the cementing - & putting wood under the shed also put large wood into the cellar. - wrote to the editor of Suffolk Union to continue my subscription.-

Wednesday 11th pleasant - pretty cloudy - I carried some pots & boxes of cranberry plants to the swamp- brought up a barrel load of mulch - next to the store & mailed . - Mary, Jamie & I prepared to go to Oyster Bay, went with the 121/2 train to Hicksville & waited there until between 5 & 6 O'c and then went with the Syosset train to Syosset thence rode to Oyster Bay with H..G. De Forest- We stayed at Uncle Edward's, saw cousin C.W. Coles & wife - lately married - I had a conversation with him about the duties of a steamboat clerk.

Thursday 12 - Clear morning cool - middle of the day rain- Mr. DeForrest sent his wagon for me at 51/2 A.M. - went to his house & took breakfast - then went to view the piece of land which he wished me to survey - I took my instruments & with two assistants surveyed the parcel & c finishing soon after 12 O'c - I walked to Uncle Edward's to dinner, Uncle E. with Mary & Charles & his wife had gone to Glen Cove & did not return till near 3 O'c which made dinner quite late - Mrs. DeForest sent a horse & wagon for our use & Mary & I drove about the Cove & made a few calls, returned to Aunt Eliza Underhill's to tea about 6 O'c & this evening went to Mr.. DeForest's where there was a small family party.- This finished the day.

Friday 13th - Clear & pleasant - I decided not to go to the west with Charles - Mary & I were carried with our baggage to Mr. De Forest's where we expected to dine. In the mean time we visited the place where cousin John A. Weeks resides & called to see Aunt Harriet- on our way back to DeForest's - we dined about 1 O'c, after dinner examined under the microscope some parts of a bee - then it became time for us to go. Henry sent us to Syosset in his wagon. & thence we went in the train to Hicksville & presently we entered the evening train & arrived at Yaphank about 61/2 p.m. -

Saturday 14 - Clear & pleasant - I hoed while in the garden- Next to the swamp & removed by the roots some maple trees & c - James Albin called & I made a final settlement with him for cutting and carting wood the past winter. afternoon, I looked over the papers- prepared a pole for putting the hook into the trees, & then went to the swamp& removed by the roots some maple trees & then went to the swamp & to the swamp & took down some.

Sunday 15 - Clear & pleasant - but rain is much needed - Present we attended church this morning - Mr.Statham was officiating.

Monday 16th - Clear & warm in the morning - The later part of the afternoon cloudy - slight shower - thunder & lightning in the distance- I hoed in the garden, in new asparagus bed - went  to the swamp & removed some trees - Robby Weeks came down with the noon train - I went to the swamp this afternoon, but did not remain long as the showers came up. Recd. a letter from Mr. Bagley inquiring about bees, which I commenced answering this evening.-

Tuesday 17 - Thunder storm during the night, today clear & pleasant. In the morning I was preparing answer to Mr. Bagley's letter- went to the swamp & took down a tree- Robby Weeks & Dr. Holden dined with us - Afternoon I commenced cutting the roots of a large Maple.

Wednesday 18 - Clear & warm - I did not think to observe the eclipse this morning - I finished letter to Mr.. Bagley, after hoeing in the garden - I went to the swamp & moved off some weeds, continued work upon the large maple - went to the P.O. before 12 O'c - afternoon, looked at the paper & towards evening, I cut more at the swamp.

Thursday 19 - Cloudy morning - Afternoon clear & warm - rain is very much needed - I hoed in the garden - I cut more about the Maple - finished cutting off roots around it , but I am not able to pull it over although my rope is fastened near the top- at evening burnt two heaps of roots east side of the house.

Friday 20th Clear & bright sun - very warm & scorching dry & c - I hoed in my garden. - Carried Robbie to the station, he left with the train at 12 1/2 O'c - Afternoon I hoed a part of my cranberries also finished the asparagus ground. - Mrs. Meinell, Sarah Floyd Jones, Katie Edwards & some of the Smith's took tea at Mother's, I went there this evening. - This morning extracted two teeth for Mrs. W. Nicoll & one for another Mrs. Nicoll (John)

Sat. 21 - Morning warm & sultry, cloudy slight showers - i hoed some in my garden, went in the wagon with Mary & the children as far as Daniel Lane's to see if he could get his daughter Mary to work for us. - This afternoon I looked over the papers, then went to the swamp & took down some trees - There was quite a high wind & towards evening a squall & rain- the ground is much parched-

Sunday 22 - clear & pleasant cooler - We attended church at the usual hour - Mr. Statham was present - This afternoon I wrote an article for the cultivator in answer to a inquiry whether the King Bird destroys bees (honey)-

Monday 23 - Cloudy - commenced raining early - I assisted Mary in washing - went to the P.O.- stopped awhile at the shoe shop - On my return home commenced diagram of H.G. DeForest's land & continued this afternoon- Mrs. Homan (Betsy)  came this afternoon & remained to tea .- About 7 O'c I went to the swamp & cut down a tolerably large Pepperidge tree.

Tuesday 24 - Clear & pleasant - preparing a diagram of H.G. DeForets's land - went to the swamp & cut up the Pepperidge - Father went to New York to day to see the great Eastern.

Wednesday 25 - Clear, cool & pleasant - I went to the store to procure some sugar, - went to the swamp, on my return Between 11 7 12 roasted some clams for dinner- Afternoon, rested read the paper - continued awhile at the diagram - & 5 O'c went again to the swamp & remained till 7Oc.-

Thursday 26 - morning clear & warm - afternoon, warm & between 4 & 5 came up a thunder shower - rain much needed.- I hoed a little in the garden - went to the swamp and removed some trees - looked over the paper- afternoon, worked at the map - Robert came & went to the swamp & assisted in pulling over a large maple, which I have been work upon.- Mary went to Hammond's to tea - Archie & James to Wampmissic with father - Susy & Hally went to Mother's & I was left alone.-

Friday 27 - Much lightning, thunder & rain during the night - To day was clear & pleasant - I went to the swamp & cut up the large maple - afternoon, went to the P.O. - looked over the papers - did a little to the map - made a roller & c - worked at leveling the bank of the ditch on the west side of the wood- Father & Mother went to Mastic this afternoon.

Saturday 28 Clear, cool & pleasant - I dug out part of the foundation of the east wing & removed the bricks & c knocked some of the mortar off the bricks - added a little to the map. Afternoon, went with Mary & the children to Mrs. Davis's - Archie & I went to the old schoolhouse - the foundation still remains - H. Overton has purchased & removed the frame & c - I procured a brick as a memento.- I returned home, Robert & I carted to my house, part of a load of stone from father's - I then took my compass & ascertained the range of some bees, which I think are in a hollow tree near the swamp -

Sunday 29 - cloudy - slight showers this afternoon.- We attended church - Mr. Statham came from Patchogue & had service - This afternoon, I walked out with Jamie & we found some fine bilberries-

Monday 30 - Some rain during the night - This forenoon damp - fine shower - distant thunder - afternoon, cleared - warm- I went to father's & marked a number of bags - returned home & worked on DeForest's map, which I completed & put on the roller. This afternoon I commence laying the stone for the foundation of the bed room.-

Tuesday 31 - clear & warm - I went to the swamp & finished cutting the path to the stream - returned home - & put on my very long boots, went to the stream, but could discover no bees- picked a few bilberries - Afternoon went to the P.O. - pasted paper over the holes in my honey boxes - I did a little work to the foundation -



Monday 1 - Clear -morning - northerly wind & cool Afternoon, calm & warmer - I have been at work morning & afternoon laying the foundation stones & finished - Mr. Smith - book agent called this morning & I had quite a talk with him - he is procuring subscribers for an encyclopedia- I invited him to stay the night with me & he came early this evening - Mr. Henry Raynor also called & subpoenaed me for the 10th of August.- Father went to Fireplace to attend the funeral of Mr. Nathaniel Hawkins at 1 O'clock.

Tuesday 2nd - Clear & pleasant - we rose early & had breakfast before 6 O'c - Mr. Smith went off to take the early train to Bellport station - I went to assist in driving to Wampmissic & bringing one of them & two others back - we reached home about 11 O'c - afternoon, looked over the papers & then Archie & I went to pick some bilberries - we succeeded in finding some very nice ones - six or eight quarts, this finished the day-

Friday 3rd - Clear & warm - I went to that portion of the swamp which I cleared years ago & mowed down the weeds, grass & c- I prepared some bilberries& put it into jars. At 3 p.m. I started for D. Law's & brought here his daughter Mary to work for us. Reached home at 5 O'c

Sat. 4 - Thunder shower this forenoon, afternoon cleared off- warm & sultry - this evening another thunder shower- I went to the swamp & took down three trees- interrupted by the rain - Afternoon walked to Mr. Robbin's & carried him 3 boxes for honey- examined his bees & c.

Sunday 5th - Clear & warm - We all attended church at the usual hour - Mr.. Statham was present-

Monday 6th Clear & warm - I hoed in the garden - went to the swamp & took down trees till 11 O'c - After dinner walked to the school house & procured a book from the library - Called at Whitbeck's and examined his Lawton Blackberries - marked some bags for father & weed a cranberry bed - Robert & David Jones, Elizabeth Russell & c were at father's this evening.-

Tuesday 7th - Clear & warm - I went to the swamp & took down several trees - afternoon, rested & finished preparing Camp of soldiers for Jamie - then about 4 O'c went below the rail road and picked bilberries -

Wednesday 8th Morning clear & warm - afternoon partially cloudy - wind south westerly- I went to the swamp & removed trees as usual- Came home soon after ten, when Mrs. Ludlow & Rev. Mr. Davis & wife arrived at Father's - I went there for a short time till father returned from Wampmissic. - I drove to Gildersleeve's & carried a plank- Afternoon, I rested & read - about 4 O'c went to the swamp again & remained till nearly six - Mary & I went to father's this evening.- Mrs. Ludlow had gone to Long Wood-

Thursday 9th Clear 7 warm - cloudy early this morning & a few drops of rain- at 61/2 a.m. I went to the swamp & removed a large maple & cut it up & trimmed it by 8 O'c.- Mr. & Mrs. Davis called this morning. - I went to the P.O. & to Gildersleeve's . This afternoon Mrs. Ludlow came from Long Wood - on her return & took in Mr. & Mrs. Davis & then started for Islip in their carriage. - I shelled some corn - & went with Robert to the station to procure some Alexander organ, which had arrived - We deposited the box containing it on the church porch and then drove to Gildersleeve's & procured one of the window frames which G. has been making for me.- brought it home - I then went to the church & opened the box & put the organ in the church.- Mary & I walked to White's this evening.- Mrs.. White sick

Friday 10th Warm & sultry.- I made a diagram of the lot in dispute between Walter Howell & Henry Raynor.- went to the swamp & cut down a tree (at the roots)- Between 8 & 9 father & I started for Patchogue - I had been subpoenaed as a witness by Capt. Raynor.- The case went off slowly, & I was not upon to give my testimony, which was very unimportant till after 5 O'c.- Father & I reached home about 7 O'c

Sat. 11 - I went to Gildersleeve's to get him to come assist preparing for the removal of the east bed porch- we removed the wall upstairs, bath & c - & put in one window frame & lifted the windows. - afternoon. I went to the swamp & cut up the tree, which I removed yesterday morning, & c. - At 5 O'c went to the church to hear a trial of the organ. - Gerard played on it- Eliz Seabury & others sung - Mr. Statham arrived with the evening train & went to father's.-

Sunday 12 - clear & pleasant - warm We attended church this morning - We were favored with two clergymen - Mr Statham read the lessons & Mr. Margot read the service & delivered the sermon - he has a strong voice and good delivery - We had quite a large attendance perhaps partially owing to the arrival of our organ- Edward La Gerard played the organ for us - At 5 O'c p.m. we had service in the church again- Mr.. Margot read the service & delivered a sermon- the same text of the morning's discourse. - Isaiah 8th chap. and 6 & 7th - verses - there was fair attendance.

Monday 13. - cloudy - sun part of the time - high south westerly wind - warm - Mr. Gildersleeve came here this morning & we went at work to tear down the east porch & close the east side of the house about the window, which we set on Saturday.- I worked hard all day.-

Tuesday 14- Warm - rain during the night & cloudy & showery today.- Gildersleeve came down & we finished removing the remains of the east wing - put in the bath upstairs. - G. cleared some of the old bricks & slaked lime & prepared mortar - He went home about 4 O'c.- frank Weeks & Mr. Margot left with the noon train.

Wednesday 15 Clear, cool & pleasant- wind north westerly- Mr. Hulse the mason came & laid the brick for the foundation- Gildersleve assisted at the start & I have attended the mason all day.-

Thursday 16th - morning cool - day, clear & pleasant - This forenoon graded the ground interior to the foundation & banked the earth about the outside & c- afternoon, looked over the papers - put some wheat & carried to the mill- White & his wife called late in the afternoon.-

Friday 17 - Clear, morning cool, but warm during the day.- rode at 5 O'c & between 7 &8 Jamie & I started for Bellport where I procured some lumber and bricks - we reached home between 12 & 1 O'c- Afternoon went to the P.O. - attended to drying my boards - went to Gildersleeve's & procured two more window frames & stopped at the mill & procured my flour.

Sat. 18 - Forenoon clear - afternoon wind south westerly - cloudy- thunder & slight sprinkle about 6 O'c - to day Gildersleeve & I worked at the east wing - We erected the frames & put on the boards for the roofing- I painted two of the window frames - Sylvester Homan's son called this afternoon, & I extracted two teeth for him- Rev. Mr. Walton, James Weeks, & Mr. Seabury arrived with the evening train.

Sunday 19 - Clear & pleasant, though warm- we attended church - Mr. Statham was present in the church, but Mr. Walton officiated - We had service also this afternoon at 5 O'c, Mr. Walton officiating- We had quite a large attendance this forenoon- Edward Gerard played the organ.-

Monday 20 - showers early this morning - day cloudy and sultry - G. came and first constructed a frame for the window at the north side _ I put in two floor beams- we laid the floor - sided the south end & put on the roofing cloth - The latter I procured last fall.- & the roll adhered so closely that we had considerable trouble to unroll it. - I went to the P.O. between 12 & 1, to carry a letter directed to Mrs. Paige at Quogue - We expect her here the last of the week.

Tuesday 21 - Cloudy - warm & sultry - G. came & we finished putting on the siding _ I did some painting early this morning.-

Wednesday 22. The past night was warm - shower about 4 O'c this morning - I rose & procured a barrel of shavings & distributed over the floor of the wing as the rain came through my roofing sheet like a colander.- To day warm & sultry- occasionally the sun shone.- G. came & we put up the wall strips - furring & c- base boards, i applied a coating of the liquid to the roof.

Thursday 28 - the sun came out - warm & sultry - clear & pleasant this evening. G. making window casings & this afternoon he painted the outside - I went to Whitbeck's & picked two quarts of Lauton blackberries - did some small jobs. Between 11 &12, just as I was about getting ready to go to the station, a swarm of bees issued. from a swarm of this year. - I immediately hived them - drove to the station expecting Mrs. Paige, but they did not come. - I put the swarm of today into another hive, which has some comb & honey, but I think has no queen - went to the store this evening to procure some nails & c - Dr. Seabury & two daughters arrived at Father's.-

Friday 24 - Cloudy, this morning, with a slight sprinkle of rain - the sun came out warm- I did some bathing, then gave the roof another coat of liquid & sanded it - Afternoon went to the station - Mrs. Paige & her daughter Clara arrived from Quogue - & I brought them to my house- I remained at home this afternoon.- The Seabury's & Dr. Walton took tea with us.- Dr. Seabury & Dr. Walton played chess with Mrs. Paige this evening.

Sat. 25 - Quite a heavy shower this morning - the day was pleasant- I played several games of chess this morning with Mrs. Paige - She & Clara went to Father's to dine.

Sunday 26 - Clear & pleasant - cooler than for a week past- We attended church this morning & at 5 O'c this afternoon, Mr. Walton officiated upon each occasion.

Monday 27 - Clear & pleasant - We rose early & had breakfast - I conveyed Mrs. Paige & Clara to the station - they started with the morning train for Brooklyn & c- I worked at lathing until about 9 O'clock when the mason came. I drew water for slaking the lime & c- After dinner, he went at work laying the brick foundation for father's smoke house.- This afternoon, I put the casings around the windows, as Gildersleeve had gone to New York contrary to my expectations.-

Tuesday 28 - cloudy with slight shower towards evening - I put in the door jambs & c- & then the mason came (having finished the work for father) & I assisted him in lathing overhead- This afternoon we put on the first coat of mortar- I attended him- & c- feel tired this evening -

Wednesday 29 - clear & pleasant - cool morning - this morning I moved off weeds in the garden- did some painting, & afternoon, cemented the floor under the bed room - & c-

Thursday 30th - clear & pleasant - I did a little more mowing about the hive & c - made an inside shutter for the north window of the bed room - after breakfast went to the R.R. "cut" & procured some sand (2 barrels)- uncle Benjamin Underhill & Aunt Eliza & Aunt Harriet Weeks & Miriam U. arrived with the noon train- late in the afternoon I went  in quest of bilberries & found a few. Mr. & Mrs. Marchant & Mrs. Buckingham called.

Friday 31 - Warm- high south westerly wind  - I dug the last of my mercer potatoes.- fitted up the door which closed the entrance leading under the bedroom- & cemented the foot of the side strips & put some clear cement at the entrance - put hinges on the bedroom shutters, & painted the side of it.- called at Father's this evening. & last also.


Saturday 1 Clear, cool & pleasant - wind northerly - I looked over the papers this morning.- Uncle Benjamin, Aunt Eliza & co came in - they returned home with the noon train - the mason arrived shortly before 12 O'c & we went to work on preparing the mortar - he applied the second & finishing coat to the walls - I supplied him with mortar & cleaned up after him.-he did a small job of plastering at father's - I conveyed him home (Fireplace) this evening.- Mary & Archie rode along.

Sunday 2nd - Clear, cold & pleasant - the children & I attended church this morning - Mr. Statham officiated - The latter part of the afternoon, I went to the church with Mary Seabury, who showed one a little about playing on the organ - On our way, met Moredicai Overton who desired me to call at his house & extract a tooth- I went there & extracted one for Mrs. James Overton- called at Hallock's on my way back

Monday 3rd - Morning cool & cloudy - but presently the sun came out warm - The ground is dry & rain is needed - I excavated a hole & placed in a barrel containing water , to keep it to next spring.- Gildersleeve came & we applied the roofing cloth & cement to the south wing & also above the attic windows. - rather a disagreeable and fatiguing job.-

Tuesday 4th - Clear- cool & pleasant - I removed some boxes partially filled with honey - cleaned away mortar box- cleaned the wood work in the bed room preparatory to painting - sharpened planes & c - & made some stops for the windows - commenced putting them on - Charles Jones called about 6 p.m..- I went to the store this evening.

Wednesday 5th - Warm & sultry - fresh south westerly wind - somewhat cloudy - I finished putting on the sters, put the floor in order - & then prepared paint & painted the window casings, base & c - looked over the papers, cleaned my gun. - & shelled some corn.- This evening wrote a few lines to John A. Weeks - and this afternoon extracted two teeth for Augusta Homan-

Thursday 6th - cloudy - sultry - slight shower this morning - afternoon pleasant, I gave the wood work a second coat & then prepared some paint & painted the floor - afternoon left home at 2 p.m. with Archie, Susie & Jamie & drove to C.J. Smith's, rowed to the beach & bathed in the ocean, caught some crabs in the bay, & reached home between 7 & 8 p.m.

Friday 7th - morning bright & warm - afternoon cloudy & sultry- I went to the swamp & mowed off the weeds growing upon the muck & heaps of turf & c. - cut down some white birches, trimmed & c - Took Mary Laws & her sister to the station at 1 O'clock . I loaded my gun& waded down the stream as far as the scowplace - I was in quest of ducks, saw but one & shot a muskrat - It was dusk when I reached home-

Sat. 8th - Heavy shower early this morning- forenoon warm - afternoon, cloudy & showery - I drove to Wampmissic & with J. Albin visited the cranberry grounds, very little fruit to be seen - I pulled a small bunch of plants - reached home about 12 O'c. Afternoon, I read the papers - R. Laws called & I subscribed to the agriculturists - went to the border of the swamp & set out the cranberry plants - cut down a peperidge & c

Sunday 9th- Considerable rain fell during the night - today wind northerly, cool & clear .- We attended church this morning - Mr. Statham officiated - not many present- Afternoon, between 4&5 I went to the church and tried to play on the organ - I walked to White's & reached home at dusk.-

Monday 10th - cold - almost a frost - the sun came out bright & warm - clear & pleasant - I assisted at the washing - painted the eaves boards at the apiary & c  - went to work to set the bed sted into the new bed room, set up clothes hooks & a shutter fastener  - About 5 O'clock - I went to the swamp & transplanted some cranberry cuttings - cut down another peperidge & cut it into suitable lengths.

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