January 1852

Thursday, 1st Quite pleasant-mild- ground free from snow- I shot a mark a few times this morning for chickens- was not successful - We dined at Father's- Uncle Sidney & aunt Ellen were there. I carried Susan in a basket in which she sleeps - I took the honey from the hive into which some time since I drove some bees- The bees had deserted it-They did not return to it on Tuesday- I conclude there was no Queen in it.

Friday 2nd Cooler,-I have been at work at the mill room closet

Saturday 3rd Cloudy, wind N.E.- indications of snow. I did more work towards the closet and painted a portion of it- James Weeks & William Seabury returned to New York today.

Sunday 4th It commenced snowing during the night and the snow was afterwards accompanied by rain- This morning the trees were loaded with sleet, and it has been a drizzly and dark day.

Monday 5th The sun appeared to day & some of the ice & snow have thawed. I finished my closet doors and wrote a letter to father

Tuesday 6th Stormy- Rain this morning and snow this afternoon & evening- I have been occupied in putting my grindstone in order-painting

Wednesday 7th Several inches of snow this morning and the sleighing is very good- I went out this morning with my gun and shot a large grey squirrel & a quail- made some covers to protect the friction wheels of my grindstone from water- The stone is now in nearly perfect order. It is 22 inches in diameter.

Thursday 8th Milder- I made a short and unsuccessful excursion with my gun- After dinner took Mary & Archie a short sleigh ride. Gave the mill room closet a second coat of paint

Friday 9th Cloudy, a shower between 11&12 Am- I went to Wampmissic this morning in the sleigh-took an account of all the wood cut by Ackerly this winter, about 80 cords. Mary, Archie and I rode as far as Mordecai Homan's & made a call upon them- Father went to New York with early train & returned.

Saturday 10th A slight fall of snow during the night, the sun rose clear- Afternoon cloudy. I commenced after sharpening my planes upon the construction of a sofa table.

Sunday 11th A slight fall of snow during the night. Another this morning-cleaned up and the sun appeared this afternoon

Monday 12th Colder, Clear, Wind NW increasing all day & very high this evening- I have been at work upon the sofa table- Wrote a letter to Wm. H. Burgess, Father went to New York this afternoon.

Tuesday 13th Cold & Windy Mercury at 15 this morning. Uncle David Jones and Edward K. Bryer came down yesterday- went out to Longwood and spent the night- called here today- and spent the evening at Father's- Father returned home this evening.

Wednesday 14 Cold & Windy- Mercury the same as yesterday-milder this afternoon I nearly finished my sofa table.

Thursday 15 Milder- Thawed- I painted table-commenced a small closet for east room. wrote a letter to Herald respecting art Union signed Humphreys

Friday 16th Cold, frosty - morning, mercury down to 7 & at 9 O'clock. Cloudy & cold all day Calm slight sprinkle of fine snow nearly finished my closet- skated a few minutes on the pond.

Saturday 17 Windy, Cold on account of the wind. I went to Wampmissic & took an acct. of wood, cut by Akerly- also that cut for Father by the Albin's- finished the small closet, and did some other work

Sunday 18 The day was ushered in by a snow storm- Fast & fine, from the N.E. Archie did not sleep well previous to 12 O'c last night- Think he had taken a cold while out sleigh riding on Friday- We gave him a arm bath- he slept awhile & was troublesome again- we applied to his bowels a cloth wet with cold water- This seemed to relieve him & he slept till morning. Continued to snow all day, a cold storm.

Monday 19 6 or 7 inches of snow have fallen- a slight continuation this morning- a cold windy day- I have been painting closet- at work upon the upper room doors- Archie has a swelling upon his head the effects of a fall from a chair a few days ago.

Tuesday 20 The night past was a very cold one- A keen piercing wind prevailing- water froze in the west room- Mercury this morning at 1 below zero-( Though mine is not I think accurate) - It was perhaps colder than indicated by my thermometer- Snow has drifted and we have had no mail from New York this week.

Wednesday 21 Cloudy- Milder- Sleighing good- I commenced making a supportive frame for the bound volumes of the L.I. Star- so as to read them conveniently - Spent some time in thinking about it- Aunt Ellen called here- The cars arrive here to day with the mail-

Thursday 22 Cold, frosty night- mercury at 7 a.m. was 2 below zero- Clear & cold day- I worked awhile at the frame- The swelling still continues upon Archie's head, but we think it diminished.

Friday 23 Cold, sleighing still good- The cars have been much obstructed by snow. I rode to the station at 12 O'c but no cars have arrived from the west today- I finished the frame. Mary and I rode to Swezey's Corner.

Saturday 24 Weather moderating- somewhat windy today- I cut some tins for securing glass in sash- put the glass in the sash for the outside of bee house- I next put a handle to a putty knife & ground it- prepared some putty- put the putty in the sashes & nearly finished- Soon after 6 P.M. Archie fell against the stove in the west room & burnt his left hand quite severely- he cried for an hour- we first put his hand in some cold water- I then scraped a potato and applied the pulp to his hand, while I went to the store for some slippery elm- he fell asleep while I was gone- (about 9 minutes) On my return I made a poultice of elm, milk & sweet oil - & applied it, & changed it again at 12O'c

Sunday 25 Warm and pleasant- Thawing- Mother and I went to Patchogue this afternoon and attended service at the Episcopal Church- Revd Davis preached. We gave Archie's hand another dressing of elm. He slept pretty well last night- At noon we washed his hand & wrapped it in a clean dry cloth-it gives him no pain.

Monday 26  Cloudy with slight showers this forenoon. Clear and warm this afternoon- snow disappearing- I have been occupied in a variety of ways- finished the sash- made a back cushion for sofa table- assisted John in hanging up the hams at Gerard's smoke house- Archie's hand is recovering.

Tuesday 27 Clear and bright- Colder, windy- Capt. John S. Havens (of Moriches) called here this morning.

Wednesday 28 Warm and pleasant morning- Afternoon cloudy. I worked at the closet this morning- This afternoon put new leather to a pair of bellows for father- The one with which I played with when an infant- Father & Mother went to Longwood- Mr. and Mrs. Titus (Bellport) also took tea there.

Thursday 29 Thawing- bright and pleasant- Finished the closet with the exception of the door- Robert Smith & Charles Jones spent the afternoon & took supper with us

Friday 30 Cloudy- Sun came out- Thawed - I went to Wampmissic & took an account of wood cut by Akerly- On my way home I fell in with Uncle Sidney- Robert and Charles Jones at the Oak Island turnout- I dismounted and took an account of some piles of wood measured by them- This evening I attended a lecture upon electric magnetism at the Presbyterian meeting house in this neighborhood. The room was well filled and the lecture and experiments interesting.

Saturday 31st Cloudy- shower of hail & cold mist, chilly wind from the north east- I finished my closet and painted it- Wrote a letter to Burgess and one to E.B. Jacobs- Went to railroad with Robt. Smith,- Charles Jones returned home with the cars- 14 eggs laid by my fowls the month just finished- hail during the evening.


Sunday 1st This morning the ground is covered with sleet, cloudy, snowing at 5 P.M.- We were occupied in reading

Monday 2nd Quite cold- clear- slight layer of snow- I was occupied a portion of the day in performing a metallic conductor for the electro magnetism in order to avoid feeling the shock in the arms- I attended a lecture this evening of the Messrs. Swift- but my arrangement did not succeed as i did not make the circuit complete at my hands- heard of the death of Thomas Jones- grandfather's brother.

Tuesday Cold & frosty- moderated- I walked to Swezey's to see the Swifts & had some conversations with them - I invited them to call at my house on their way to the Manor- they did between 11 & 12- Examined my Apiary- I painted closet- next to the pond & skated a few minutes- Ice very rough.

Monday 4th Clear wind from the S.W. snow disappearing rapidly- Last evening it being calm & moonlight - a large hoot owl sat upon the top of the tall hickory tree near the wood shed- I fired at him from the door, but my was charged with fine shot & there was no apparent effect- I wrote a letter to day to the Swifts respecting bee feeding- attended the funeral of John Buckingham, at the meeting house in this village- he was buried in the burial place near Mill's store- Mother went with the early train to attend her Uncle Thomas's funeral.

Thursday 5th Clear- Thawing- I gave Archie a ride as far as the pond-Wrote a note to Charles Jones- Hear from Jacobus that my boxes of hives have arrived at Brooklyn- I commenced the construction of a bedstead for the west recess upstairs.

Friday 6th The ground was frozen this morning- Pleasant till 9 or 10 O'C. I walked to the station to send a letter to E.B. Jacobus- On my way return I went on horseback to Wampmissic and took acct of akerly's wood.

Saturday 7 Pleasant-grew colder towards evening- I worked awhile at my bedstead- Father went to Cold Spring with the afternoon train- I went to the station this afternoon after my boxes of hives which arrived with the freight train soon after 3 p.m.- Carted them (7 boxes) at two loads & put the boxes into the cellar- Archie's hand has fully recovered.

Sunday 8th Clear- Windy - Colder than for several days past- Wind N.W. - We gave Archie a ride through the woods- About 5 p.m. I walked to Mr. Petty's and engaged him to cut me some wood on Monday.

Monday 9th Clear- pleasant-chilly- I wrote a letter to W. Russell- added a little work to my bedstead-repaired Archie's horse

Tuesday 10 Frosty & pleasant- Cloudy and damp- Late in the afternoon - carted four loads of wood this morning cut yesterday by Mr. petty. This afternoon Lester H. Davis called to inquire about bees - I let my bees out today- We all called at the Reverend Mr. Bailey's

Wednesday 11th Rain during the night & high wind from the south west- damp and showery today- I have been occupied with small matters and preparing to go to New York tomorrow.

Thursday 12th It cleared off today & became pleasant - I went to Brooklyn with the early train- Recd some money for wood from the railroad Co, Sent $73 to Mr. W.H. Burgess by express, deposited one hundred dollars with Weeks and Co.- Made some purchases- went this evening to Burton's theatre & spent the night at French's hotel- Father and Mother returned home today.

Friday 13th Quite cold- sprinkle of snow- I did a little more business today- Spent the night again at the same hotel.

Saturday 14 The streets were white with snow this morning, & for an hour or two it snowed severely. At 8:00 I went to Brown's (dentist) at 13 Park Place & had one tooth filled and one extracted- I took my carpet bag & journeyed towards south ferry- made a few purchases at an auction store, called upon Edwards and Platt- then out to Brooklyn- bought some glass of little.

Saturday 14 returned home with the afternoon train- were detained by another train & did not arrive at Yaphank till 71/2 p.m.

Sunday 15 Cold frosty morning & chilly day mercury this morning down to zero- I gave Mary and Archie a short sleigh ride this afternoon.

Monday 16 Snowed during the night and slightly this morning- Archie was troubled during the night and at 12O'c we put a cloth wet with cold water around his throat, changed it a number of times, which seemed to relieve him & he slept well- I was occupied in writing to Capt. peck & Uncle Elbert, at Oyster Bay & also to dr. Nichols- This afternoon commenced putting tools in order to begin upon the hives which I received- put one section together- This evening I gave Archie some syrup of ipecac.

Tuesday 17 I contrived a pair of shears for cutting tin& directed Dayton how to make it- Death of Col. Floyd

Wednesday 18 Clear, windy- snow still lies upon the ground, but not sufficient for sleighing- Mary did our weekly washing

Thursday 19 Cold- mercury at 5 early this morning- I put together 12 sections being 4 hives- I bored some holes & arranged Zinc slides- Aunt Ellen & Amelia called here this afternoon. Hear of the death of Hewlett Hawkin's little boy.

Friday 20 Cold & Frosty 1/2 below zero at sunrise. I did some work in my shop this morning- This afternoon I went to the funeral of Hewlett's child at the village meeting house. This evening gave Archie a warm bath. Mother and Father attended the funeral of Colonel Floyd.

Saturday 21 Frosty this morning- I went to Wampmissic this morning & took account of wood cut by Akerly & also by father's wood choppers- i finished small mattress for the small bedstead- i skated awhile upon the pond - took Father's hams from Gerard's smoke house- Archie was sick at his stomach from having eaten too much today- gave him a wet sheet pack this evening for 3 hours- Completed my 31st year.

Sunday 22nd Fall of snow during the night- rain this morning- Clear this afternoon- occupied in reading- I find my journal meager as it is very convenient for references & shall continue it.

Monday 23 More rain during the night and this morning- sun came out- snow is disappearing-

Tuesday 24th Pleasant and mild, cloudy this afternoon- Archie seems to be recovering- Mary did our washing- I put together the pieces of 18 sections.

Wednesday 25 Was not cold enough to freeze during the night- mild high wind this afternoon. I began the labors of the day copying into one of the blank books- finished at 10. J Hull Osborn of Southold agent for heath insurance called here. Mr. Gerard made a call this afternoon. Joseph H. Titus married today.

Thursday 26 Colder, Clear- Froze, last night - I was busy copying until 10 O'c- Then began upon the sections- made the holes & places for slides in 24 sections and put the pieces together- Considerable interruptions Mr. Osborn called again & with him Anderson Gildersleeve (Carpenter) Osborn wished the latter to examine my sofa table- Susy Smith and Apollas came in & Uncle Sidney called after them - Made an engagement with him to run out Yaphank line- commence tomorrow.

Friday 27 Cold frosty morning- I started to meet Uncle Sidney & was occupied all day in running a line for him- did not finish- we reached Long wood about dusk- I remained to supper & Robert brought me home in a wagon- I feel pretty well fatigued

Saturday 28  Fall of Snow during the night several inches- continues this morning- followed by sleet and rain- I wrote an advertisement this morning respecting Gilmore's patent hive and this afternoon sorted the pieces for the hives.

Sunday 29 Very high wind during the night. I read & did some copying.


Monday 1 Cloudy, Chilly. Wind north east- I wrote an advertisement respecting Gilmore's patent hive & sent a copy to the 4 county papers- Finished copying into the books- The number of eggs laid by my hens during the months of February was 128 - (12 hens)

Tuesday 2 Sleet and rain during the night, slippery this morning- This disappeared and it cleared & became colder this afternoon. I put covers upon the books I prepared the other day- Cut out 200 Zinc slides for the hives- put the cross bars upon a dozen sections- cut some fire wood.

Wednesday 3 Cold and windy- more like December than March. This morning I was occupied in putting the bars upon a large number of sections & this afternoon I put sections together and fastened them to the extent of twelve hives. Father went to New York by the afternoon train.

Thursday 4  Still cold- Afternoon indications of a storm- I wrote a letter making inquiries relative to Daniel Weekes who died recently at Shipharbour  aged 117 years, inclosed it to the Post master of that place. Put sections together to the extent of 13 hives. Amelia Smith, Susan & Mother took dinner with us.

Friday 5th Snow this morning 3 inches deep- milder, thawed- John Perry (Irishman) cut his foot yesterday. I draped it several times today- I put together 5 hives making altogether 30 hives finished- Father returns home with the evening train.

Saturday 6th Cold Chilly I went on horseback to Wampmissic& took account of wood cut by Akerly & some of Father's choppers- This afternoon I constructed a small trough to contain some syrup for feeding the bees on one of the hives in particular. David Jones came down to Yaphank in the cars, he went to Long Wood this afternoon.

Sunday 7 Clear though too cold to be pleasant- Occupied in reading- This afternoon about 5 O'Clock- I walked into the Asparagus lot & started a hawk from the hedge adjoining the woods- he sat upon a tree not far off- I observed him put his beak as if he had been eating something and immediately returned to the house and procured a gun, (which was loaded) he allowed me to approach sufficiently near & I fired & brought him down- it was a large specimen of Cooper's hawk- On examining the spot whence the hawk flew- I found on of my hens dead & partly devoured-still warm- I miss one other hen from the twelve which has been carried off without my observing it.

Monday 8 Cloudy Cool, milder this afternoon, but appearance of a storm - I went to long Wood & we continued running the line I commenced the other day- we reached the County Road on our random line and returned upon nearly the tree line- did not finish- I reached home early this evening- The missing hen returned early in the morning- she had probably been pretty well frightened and concealed herself.

Tuesday 9th wind from the S.W. rain during the night and a dash of large drops this afternoon. I was occupied drawing a map of the line in dispute between Samuel Hawkins & Father & noting the positions of the marked trees- This afternoon we went to the station expecting to meet S. Hawkins who would decide whether to leave the matter to amicable arbitration or not. His son David came up & stated that they had concluded to leave it to arbitration- and named Dr. Miller as the person they had selected and father named Nathaniel Tuthill. We are invited this evening to a party at Mr. Titus's given in honor of his son and wife.

Wednesday 10 Clear & quite- like spring- Windy- I went to Mr. Titus with Robert Smith Amelia & David Jones. Reached there between 8 &9- Traveling bad - a large number assembled- almost every body present- I reached home about 3 )'C this morning- I went on horseback to Longwood before 12O'C and after dinner continued the line by compass. Returned to the place of beginning about 6 p.m. struck the stake.

Thursday 11th Cool, morning & evening- Clear - I went this morning to make some examinations of the lines in dispute between Samuel Hawkins & Father. The choppers are cutting off the wood upon Hawkins lot- Father, Mother & Aunt Ellen went this afternoon to Bellport to call upon Mrs. Titus, David Jones came from Long Wood.

Friday 12 Cloudy Pleasant- David returned home in the cars, sent to his brother Charles, one of Gilmore's hives- I brought Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hawkins from the station- They have just arrived from Brooklyn- Father and I went down this afternoon to examine the disputed lines- I made a fresh map of it- The Robins have been chirping merrily.

Saturday 13 Warm and pleasant like spring almost like summer- We went to the station at 9 O'clock to meet S. Hawkins & party with reference to the line- The whole day was spent without coming to a decision. Samuel Hawkins did not begin to talk till about 11 O'c- slight showers this morning.

Sunday 14 Cloudy- rain this afternoon- Occupied in reading and writing

Monday 15 Cloudy - Cleared off pleasant We went to the station - Mr. Hawkins & party- tardy as usual- Father made quite a speech and very much to the point- We adjourned at 3 P.m. The arbitrators are to give us their decision next Saturday.

Tuesday 16 Cooler- Pleasant- I wrote a line to Dr. Miller & N. Tuthill stating that I had some further facts to communicate in regard to the lines-I put together 12 sections after preparing for the slides & called with Father to see Mr. Tuthill- I went to Long Wood after my compass.

Wednesday 17- Cloudy-Sprinkle of hail & rain and about 1 p.m. snow fell in large flakes- high wind from N.E.- making a violent storm all the afternoon. I put together 12 sections- The arbitrators in the controversy of Hawkins versus Weeks. Employed J.P.Mills to run out a portion of the old line beginning at the upper end- Mills came out where I anticipated he would  (if he obtained at starting, the true course of the line) The arbitrators at once decided in our favor & gave Father a written decision to the effect. Death of Susan Cornelia Peck.

Thursday 18 It snowed a portion of the night and then commenced raining- rain this morning, clear this afternoon- some snow still remaining - I put together 12 sections- some of my bees having gathered very thickly in one of the hives. I scraped some of them out and distributed to the other hives- drew a diagram to illustrate the disputed lines- called this evening to see Edmund Hawkins & explained to him the situation of the lines & cause of the error- also upon John Owen - Mr. Jagger called here to inquire about bees.

Friday 19 Colder- Unpleasant- I put together 12 sections- Wm. Hall called at Father's

Saturday 20 quite cold this morning and like winter towards evening- i went to Wampmissic & took an account of wood cut by Akerly and also of Father's choppers- repaired my flag staves - cut some wood

Sunday 21  Variable- bright, pleasant, chilly- I went with Father to the station after some potatoes (20 bushels) which he had purchased & which arrived on the freight train- this afternoon I went to Bellport & procured a few boards- Mary did our washing- I wrote a letter to Charles Jones- David Brush

Tuesday 23 Rain this morning- I put the bars or slats upon 24 sections- Wm. smith came home for a day or two

Wednesday 24 Colder- Sun appeared for a short time- cloudy- rain this evening- I put the bars upon 24 sections- I removed citrous melons from cellar, they were mouldy and beginning to decay.

Thursday 25. I was occupied this morning in looking over the cultivator respecting bees.- This afternoon Father and I went down to his woodland lot, near Gerard's Road- measured across the lower end- about the same width as the upper- Took an account of wood cut by Charles & Edmund Howell- Then went to the N.W. corner of the land he purchased of Uncle Sidney & put up a stake and bound stone. Father put in one other stone near the Fireplace Road.

Friday 26 Quite pleasant- wind from the south west- cloudy, at evening rain- I constructed a pattern for a casting for a part of my zinc shears. Removed honey and comb from a hive- opened apiary & let out the bees- observed them bringing pollen- probably from the maple.

Saturday 27 Shower at evening - I went to Wampmissic this morning & took an account of wood cut by Akerly and some of Father's choppers. Amariah Davis has been sentenced to hard labor in state prison, for burglary -stealing hens & c

Sunday 28 Clear and pleasant- we remained quietly at home reading.

Monday 29 Cool - Pleasant I went with the early train to New York - made some purchases at auctions- Spent the night at Dr. Seabury's- Dr. Fanning called here (Yaphank) to inquire about bees

Tuesday 30 Afternoon rainy- I spent the night at French's hotel- purchased some sugar and honey

Wednesday 31 Cold Storm- I brought a number of articles- returned home with the afternoon train- number of eggs this month 189


Thursday 1 Cool Clear Windy- I have not been very industrious today- called to see Mrs. Meks(?) (the tailors wife) who has recently moved into the place & carried her some honey- Mary hears that her mother is quite ill. Amariah Davis whose name is mentioned on the previous page is the fellow who induced his sister in law to make a false charge against Father (see page 3) but failed in every particular.

Friday 2 Pleasant this morning- afternoon cooler- I wrote a letter to Doctor Fanning of Greenport- sawed off part of a hive which was too large- afternoon I raked off the asparagus tops with a horse rake- Later I took my rod & line & India rubber boots & went into the river below Swezey's - Caught two fine trout

Saturday 3 Cold Windy Father and I went to Wampmissic & thence to Wm. Hall's near the manor station. Hall intends on having an auction to day of some household articles- Is going to Virginia for a while- On our return I went to the woods & took account of wood cut by Akerly & others the past week- Towards night I waded down the river, saw several black ducks, but did not succeed in shooting any.

Sunday 4 Clear but cool- engaged in reading-writing

Monday 5Cloudy, cold, hail & snow storm at evening I went this morning to Wampmissic & removed some boards from an old fence near the yellow house- brought home a wagon load- Father, mother & Mary Seabury went to new York with the afternoon train- I carted two loads of firewood this afternoon & went this evening to the district school meeting. We received letters to day from Mary's Father and her brother Paige, the latter informs us of the death of his Mother on Saturday last.

Tuesday 6 A stormy night of hail and snow- the latter several inches in depth over a coating of hail- continued to snow moderately during the forenoon- i wrote a letter to John T. Hamilton (Oyster Bay) respecting bees & one to Dr. Thompson (Islip) informing him how to procure wax from the old combs- Mary wrote home - Recd a letter from David Carll (Dix Hills) inquiring about Gilmore's hives- This afternoon I went to Coram to attend the annual town meeting- a large number of people present.

Wednesday Clear, snow disappearing- I wrote a letter to John D. Hewlet (Cold Spring) and also to David Carll. This afternoon I painted one of my hives- Father returned home with the evening train.

Thursday 8 Cloudy I wrote to Wm. H. Cook (Bridgehampton) and to A. Croswell (Gilboa), Aunt Ellen and James Smith took dinner with us- This afternoon I rubbed the lime from the woodwork in the west room upstairs, preparatory to painting.

Friday 9 Snow storm this morning- disappeared as fast as it fell - i prepared some putty & stopped the nail heads & this afternoon painted the west room, except floor and doors

Saturday 10Clear and pleasant though windy- Archie was troubled with his cough about 11 O'c last night, applied wet cloth to his throat which relieved him- I went with father this morning to take account of the cord wood, which John Dolan has been cutting for him- whole amount 243 cords cut by John & his boys- This afternoon I finished the painting i began yesterday- The bees out in large numbers- Amelia Smith and Elizabeth Russell called here.

Sunday 11 Warm and pleasant this morning- cloudy this afternoon- Archie was restless during the night- we gave him the wet sheet pack upon going to bed & afterwards a tea spoon of castor oil- After being washed this morning he slept very quietly till 11 O'c- has seemed better today- This afternoon an alarm among the poultry- seized my gun & rushed to their rescue- just in the woods, a hawk flew up & alighted- I shot & killed him (Cooper's Hawk)- On examination I discovered a hen apparently dead, but on my approach she recovered and ran off.

Monday 12 Cloudy chilly- Mitchell was here cutting up my firewood- I puttied the nail heads in the west room floor & some of the crevices- Prepared some paint- did not begin painting until 5O'c- painted one half of the room- John has been putting manure upon the ground west of the apiary- for potatoes- Archie seems to be better

Tuesday 13 Cloudy cold rain storm this afternoon- clear this evening- I finished painting the west room floor- piled some wood under one side of wood shed- prepared 333 lbs. of guano for sowing upon my asparagus- by sprinkling with water & stirring in a large tub (one side of a hogshead)

Wednesday 14 pleasant & spring like the greater part of the day. M. Petty sowed guano upon asparagus field- I have been throwing some dirt about the apiary raising it near the building to make the rain run off- sprinkled some ashes &sowed some white clover seed- went over the asparagus rows with cultivator (once)- Heard the voice of the purple Martin.

Thursday 15 Commenced raining this morning & continued till late in the afternoon. I wrote a note to the editor of the Connector, inclosing $3 for advertising- also to Abel K. Baylis inquiring about peach trees for sale by him- put wire cloth upon five frame for the cellar windows at Father's house.

Friday 16 I went to Wampmissic this morning reached home about t 101/2 O'c- M. Petty began to plow the ground for potatoes. I assisted John between 2 & 3 p.m. in cutting 6 bushels of potatoes for planting- Soon after 3O'c alarm of fire in the woods, smoke could be seen from our house- All hands went- the fire commenced on the line of the railroad, a short distance east of the Hay Road- probably communicated by a spark from the locomotive- It burned towards the south more than a mile - we succeeded in extinguishing it- did not reach home till evening- heard the notes of the wood thrush.

Saturday 17 I put some posts in the ground between apiary & hedge fence to be a protection to my bee hives- removed the bee hives from the house & arranged them on the south side of the apiary- This afternoon cut and planted potatoes- finished planting-planted 9 bushels

Sunday 18 Cloudy, indications of an approaching storm- Occupied in reading- removed some honey from a hive from which the bees have departed- have 4 or 5 others in the same condition- Think the hives were too small, they are some of those which I purchased last fall.

Monday 19 Fitful showers during the night past- I wrote a letter to Baylis for a dz peach trees, inclosed one dollar- also to J,T. Hamilton- directing him how to make Gilmore's hives.- This afternoon removed the soil from the privy & fowl house- L'Hommedieu and brother came here leaving the tool chest of the former- Father went to New York with the afternoon train.

Tuesday 20 Rain during the night continues this morning- I prepared a form for conveying rights to use Gilmore's hive- removed the honey from a bee hive- Waded the river this afternoon as far as the head of Carman's Pond, saw four ducks but did not succeed in obtaining any of them.

Wednesday 21 Raining at intervals- a glimpse of the sun- I wrote a while this morning- carted a load of wood this afternoon- waded the river about a mile- saw no ducks- Recd a letter from D. Carll Jr. about bees.

Thursday 22  Quite cold this afternoon- On examining the deposit where I placed my cabbage last fall- I found half a dozen heads in a sound condition in part- This afternoon carted 3 loads of wood & took a load of stumps up the street for M. Overton who has been digging them in Father's lot- Amelia Smith, James and Apollas & Eliz Russell took supper with us- S.C. Hallock called here this evening, wishing me to write a deed for him.

Friday 23  Cold wind L'Hommedieu and brother Richard came here to work upon my apiary- went through asparagus lot with cultivator. John repeated it and harrowed - some turfs of grass are to be removed by the wheel barrow- Davis Norton called & took dinner- wished to see my arrangements for bees- I wrote a deed for Hallock this afternoon- Recd a dozen peach trees from Abel K. Baylis- planted 5 of them three on the north side of the apiary

Saturday 24 Clear but cool I went to Bellport & procured a few boards- reached home at 11O'c- L'Hommedieu & his brother at work for me- they enclosed the north end of the wood shed with some spruce boards- M. Petty was here cutting up my fire wood- I pay him 25cts a load for cutting into lengths suitable for my stoves- I planted 5 more of the peach trees- Robt. Russell came down with the evening train

Monday 26 Thunder in the southwest- April showers- I leveled the inequities of my garden - painted the north end of the wood shed- did some work at the apiary- I went to the station early in the morning to request the baggage master to procure some shad for me in New York- I went this evening but he had not procured any as they were small, scarce & high.

Tuesday 27 Cool & windy- I went to Wampmissic and took account of wood. I commenced two small closets for apiary- Went to the railroad after a barrel of lime & some cloth- Plowed my garden- wrote a chattel mortgage for Father- Henry Taft to James weeks

Wednesday 28 Slight shower this morning- I finished the closets & put the casings around them- commenced putting on the lath for wall- Mary has been preparing to set out for Gilboa tomorrow- Recd. a letter from Dr. Fanning

Thursday 29 Milder - windy and dusty in New York- Mary baby & I took the train at 71/2 O'c A.M. for new York- arrived between 10 & 11 O'c - went directly to the Catskill boat at the foot of Cedar Street- left Mary there while I went to make a few purchases- I returned and left Mary soon after three- James and John Smith are going by the same boat on their way to school at Davenport in this state- I returned with the 4 P.M. train soon after passing Jamaica- one car ran off the track & was thrown over upon its side, no lives lost, but a number were bruised & one lady had an arm broken - The locomotive was pushing the train& we were going slowly, else more injury would have been done- The freight train also met with an accident, near Brushville within sight of us- I did not get to Father's until 12O'c.

Friday 30 Cloudy for the most part- I have been chiefly occupied in putting on the lath at my apiary- Archie is staying at his Grandmother's.


Saturday 1st Cloudy, misty, damp - I wrote a letter to dr. Fanning Greenport- continued to put on lath at the apiary for a short time- At 12O'c went with the train to Wampmissic & took account of wood cut by Akerly, he has been cutting wood far from the railroad & near our east line- I returned with the afternoon train- i transplanted some strawberry vines into my garden also planted some onions.- No of eggs during the month of April is 15 doz- seven chickens hatched & living

Sunday 2nd Morning pleasant, afternoon cloudy- I wrote a letter to Mary- Asparagus begins to appear

Monday 3 Clear and pleasant- windy I finished lathing-painting a dozen sections of hives- Planted some more top onions- Sarah and Maria Russell came down with the evening train & went to Longwood

Tuesday 4 Quite cold & windy morning- Afternoon pleasant- I planted some white onion seed & a variety of seeds in Father's garden- commenced a closet or wardrobe for the north wing upstairs- Robert weeks came down with the noon train.

Wednesday 5 -Clear- warm I wrote to Charles Jones & a line to John Martin (Riverhead) to procure me some hair for walling- I went at noon as far as Swezey's to see a mason who was at work there. I have finished the closet with the exception of a door.

Thursday 6 Clear warm, similar to yesterday - I assisted in planting corn- I planted some hop roots in the ground in front of my house- put two peach trees (balance of the dozen) in front of apiary- I planted some bush-beans & sweet corn- This afternoon Lawyer Wickham & Dr. Preston (Patchogue) called here to inquire about bees/ Wm. Wickham purchased one hive.- This morning i cut some asparagus.

Friday 7 Warm and dry - finished corn planting- I planted a tree (apple) which I grafted 2 or 3 years since a few rods south of my house- Dr. miller called here to see my hives & c- gave him a bunch of asparagus- this afternoon I went on horseback along the railroad line to see if any fires were kindled from the locomotive- A spark from the 12 O'c train caught upon Uncle Sidney's land near Hay Road, but was extinguished without damage by some track repairers- On my return I constructed a box (size of a bushel) to send asparagus to market. Dr. Seabury came with the evening train. While at Wampmissic today I erected bound stones on the n & s sides of railroad & upon the line from stone B to stone C.

Saturday 8th clear- I planted some peas in my garden - I wrote a letter to Wm. Wickham Jr. & also to Dr. Reston next to the P. Office & heard that Mary was walking home from the station- met her upon the Mill-dam - She came from Gilboa alone- She and Suzy- This evening I set two steel traps near my hen coop Last night some animal came and destroyed three of my young chickens

Sunday 9th Cooler- Archie has been out doors, walking about

Monday10th - shower this morning - I have been very busily engaged cutting asparagus & tying into bunches- I sent off by the freight train at 10 O'c sixteen bunches & have cut so many more- Two small boys were here for an hour or two & cut a wheel barrow full of smaller sizes

Tuesday 11th I was up very early & constructed a box (capacity 11/2 bushel) & cut a small quantity of asparagus- This with what i cut yesterday afternoon made 21 bunches- sent it to Brooklyn by freight train- L'Hommedieu was here putting on the green blinds, which he has been making for me, did not finish- painted 33 sections of hives- vegetation has come forward very rapidly within a week- Peach and cherry trees are in blossom- They were all down from Long Wood & took tea at Father's

Wednesday 12 Commenced raining this morning- a fine rain - I was out in the rain cutting asparagus- I put up 12 bunches to day- did not send off any- I walked to the station on the arrival of the 12 M train. Returned home & went to the freight train between 1 & 2 p.m.- My boxes were not returned to day. I constructed a small frame for expediting the bunching of asparagus

Thursday 13 Cloudy- some rain While John cut the asparagus, I constructed a box to contain it- I put up 12 bunches to day & sent off with what I cut yesterday. 24 bunches sent it by the afternoon passenger train. My boxes were returned by the freight train- I carried five bunches to J.P.Mills store & directed it to be sold at 6 cts per bunch. I went to Swezey's to see the mason- There is some possibility of me securing his services. sent a hive and bee mask to Dr. Fanning, also sent a mask to John Divine Hewlet. Caught the animal in the trap last night, but he escaped.

Friday 14. Fair weather- Cut a small quantity of asparagus this morning & a larger quantity this afternoon- I went to the station at 12 O'c & recd the return of my asparagus of yesterday and the box.

Saturday 15 Damp Foggy - sent off by the afternoon train 16 bunches & sold five at the station. Recd a letter from dr. Fanning inclosing $2 for his mask

Sunday 16 - Mary, Archie and I took a short ride this afternoon through the woods - On examining a hive that seemed destitute of bees, I found in it only a queen, all others had perished or deserted.

Monday 17 Pleasant, Cloudy I have been putting some glass windows in three sections on the front and rear of each- went to the station at 12O'c. This afternoon carted a load of sand from Dayton's premises near the Mill pond. cut two bunches of asparagus this evening- could not see very well- wrote to Dr. Fanning.

Tuesday 18 Calm and pleasant I was up early and commenced cutting asparagus- Cut and prepared 18 bunches & sent off a box containing 20 bunches- I went to the station at 12 O'c also on the arrival of the afternoon train by which I sent my box. About 3 p.m. while looking into one of the hives in the back, a bee attacked me suddenly & stung me on the upper lid of the left eye- It swelled considerably & deprived me of the use of my eye- I made some covers to the windows in the hive mentioned above- grandfather Jones drove from Cold Spring to Longwood yesterday alone - the horse wagon

Wednesday 19 Very pleasant- i painted the hive finished yesterday & took some lime out of the ground where it was deposited in barrel some time since & partially prepared it for the wall at the apiary- Went to Father's & planted more garden seeds- pumpkin, cucumber, muskmelon& c- Grandfather came down from Long wood- I cut some asparagus (6 bunches) and carried it to the station at 12 O'c- I was engaged to cut the above quantity  - recd returns of that sent off yesterday- The Russells went to Hicksville by the afternoon train, I went to the station with them- On my return I saw very large swarms of bees upon the apple tree near the apiary- I prepared my glass hive & hived them in the top section which was nearly full of bees - I put two other hives in readiness for other swarms- Father went to new York with the early train & returned at evening

Thursday 20 Cooler clear windy - I prepared the hair to mix with the lime. The mason came about 7 O'c this morning & has put the first coat of mortar upon the bee house- he got through this about 5 O'c I have been assisting him and felt much fatigued after he was gone I slaked some lime & strained it preparatory to the next coat.

Friday 21 Morning quite cold -windy I was cutting and tying up asparagus all the morning - sent 23 bunches by the afternoon train- I have planted this afternoon in my garden- watermelon (two varieties) muskmelon, lima beans, sweet corn, cabbage & egg plant seeds.

Saturday 22- Clear and pleasant- The mason came about 11 O'c & at the close of the afternoon had finished the wall of my apiary. Mary made some soap using soda lime

Sunday 23 shower this morning & distant thunder - We remained quietly at home

Monday 24- Rain during the night - sun shone out & 4 hives threatened each to send forth a swarm, but the clouds checked them - I cut 16 bunches of asparagus & sent by the afternoon train,. father and Mother went to Oyster Bay by way of Hicksville as they heard that grandmother Weeks was not as well as usual- This afternoon i have been clearing away the mortar box & filling up & turfing over the hole where I had deposited my lime some time since- feel much fatigued.

Tuesday 25 Clear, Warm - A fine swarm of bees just before 12m- they clustered upon one of the two cedar bushes I put up for them yesterday. About 1 P.M. another swarm issued and clustered near the ground on the south side of the hedge- Grandfather went to new York by the afternoon train. At 5 p.m. I started for Wampmissic on horseback & took account of wood cut by Akerly- reached home at 61/2 p.m.- cut a bunch of asparagus and carried it to the train

Wednesday 26 Cooler, calm I put two hives in readiness- cut some asparagus & carried to Mr. Floyd- This afternoon cleaned out the lime & dirt from the apiary & painted some upon the south side- Archie's sting has nearly closed his left eye- A hen came off with ten chickens.

Thursday 27 Commenced raining very early this morning & afternoon- I have been painting the woodwork on the inside of the apiary- I weighed yesterday the two swarms

Friday 28 Cloudy - damp air from the ocean - some swarms of bees are prevented from issuing by the weather - Father went to Oyster Bay with the afternoon train- Grandmother Weeks died last night- I have been painting & c, about the apiary- Put another hive in readiness- Mary Archie & I rode to the station on the arrival of the late train- Grandfather returned to Longwood with Robert Smith-

Saturday 29 Damp similar to yesterday- I prepared two hives more- Put hinges on the window shutters of apiary- between 1 & 2 p.m. assisted at the building of a barn frame for Edmund Hawkins- I drove to the station at 7 p.m. I expected to find some fish at the station but none came.

Sunday 30 Clear pleasant- high wind from north west- I cut some asparagus & sent to Reverend Bailey- Grandmother's funeral was to be at 2p.m. Grandfather came here from Longwood & will remain all night-

Monday 31st Quite cool early this morning- clear & pleasant - Grandfather started for Cold Spring soon after breakfast- L'Hommedieu has been at work upon the apiary putting up the 2nd shelf & c - about one O'c p.m. a swarm issued & I found them clustered upon a tree near the ground, south side of the hedge- hived them without difficulty some animal entered my fowl house last night & broke six eggs under a hen sitting- I have laid a trap for it.


Tuesday June 1 Pleasant, clear _ I have been hard at work finishing my apiary- Father Mother returned home at 12 O'c- a swarm of bees issued about 2p.m.& at first clustered in two divisions about 2 ft apart- I thought there might be two swarms, but they all came from one hive- In a few minutes the bees in one cluster began to fly to the other & I concluded the queen was among the latter & hived this which proved to be correct- About 7O'c I found a weasel dead in the trap- he was caught during the day- It was a small one.- My hens laid during the month of May 226 eggs.

Wednesday 2nd Warm- slight shower- distant thunder- My work when not interrupted has been upon the apiary- A swarm of bees issued from the first hive which swarmed, (May 19th) & after circling in the air they began to cluster upon & enter the hive which contained the swarm yesterday- Thinking these might be a queen with them I removed the top section of this hive to two other sections & was intending to complete the first sections with another top- but the swarm of yesterday rushed forth & all the remaining bees & clustered upon an apple tree- I hived them once or twice & succeeded in making them remain. I examined this mass of bees but was not able to find the queen- I think there was no queen with the swarm which issued to day- The latter went into a number of hives & quite a large number were killed by the bees of those hives.

Thursday 3rd  Warm- windy- Thunder shower- Rainbow and glorious sunset- I have nearly completed the apiary, have been painting & c- 3 or 4 swarms of bees are ready to issue but they seemed to be aware of the showers which was approaching.

Friday 4th Showery - I painted a portion of the interior of the apiary- Put the glass in the small sashes near the hives- Recd another letter from Mr. Crossman

Saturday 5th Clear & cooler- windy- I painted the north side and east end of apiary- Put some wood under my shed & hoed in the garden- John went through the asparagus with cultivator- This afternoon he carted 3 loads of wood & I went with him after a fourth- I feel pretty well tired after the labors of the week- The bees in the hive of June 1st have all deserted. I think the queen was lost the other day- another mass of bees came out today & entered a hive from which a swarm had issued & it is now well filled.

Sunday 6 Quite cold- wind from the southwest- Occupied in reading- We walked as far as the river & this afternoon went to susy's grave- some flowers are in bloom there.

Monday 7 High wind from south west- A storm may be approaching- I wrote to Mrs. Crossman. prepared more hives- A small swarm came out of the hive which I mentioned on Saturday as well filled- They clustered upon one of the new hives- I searched for the queen & at length found ir & put her into the section & succeeded in hiving them- a small body of bees afterwards came from the same hive & clustered upon an apple tree- I put them into a section & emptied it near the former & united the two bodies- I also took the comb & honey from an old hive & turned the balance of the bees into the swarm swarm of today- I did not discover any queen in this hive but saw some small patches of comb containing larve- This evening I removed my new hives of bees into the apiary- Mitchell has been hoeing in the rows of asparagus & finished it- E.A. strong & family came from New York to Father's, by the late train

Tuesday 8 Dark stormy - I finished the balance of the 16 hives- they are all in complete order- I have had some extra work in stopping the holes upon the upper part of the back of each section- deeming them unnecessary. Mary washed yesterday & finished her ironing to day- I moved the small swarm into apiary

Wednesday 9th- Clear- high wind from the south west- a swarm of bees about 1O'c p.m.- I split some wood & put some under the shed- made a new tongue for the little cart- sharpened tools & c- Kate Floyd Jones married this evening.

Thursday 10 Violent wind from W. S. west - I have been quite industrious- put together after preparing the holes & c the pieces for 12 sections & painted them- Archie & I walked to the store & purchased a straw hat for him- his first one,- Put some wood under the shed - Mr. Petty was here cutting up my fire wood-

Friday 11 -I carted 4 loads of wood this morning- worked in my garden- prepared some wooden plugs for the hives- assisted in planting the balance of Father's garden-

Saturday 12 - Clear warmer- I commenced constructing an observation hive- worked in my garden. The Strongs left for new York, by the afternoon train- Archie has become a very good horseman & rides his wooden horse at full speed- Mr. Petty cut 4 loads of wood for me.

Sunday 13 - Calm and quite warm - a swarm of bees issued about 1 O'c- Picked some strawberries for supper from the bed in asparagus field

Monday 14 warm - I carted 3 loads of wood this afternoon and labored quite hard as some of the sticks were heavy- a swarm issued between 9 & 10 & another about 12.

Tuesday 15 -Very warm- I planted a few seeds & have been expecting some swarms to issue- worked a little at my observation hive- This morning Father and Mother went to Dr. Miller's to attend the funeral of the Dr's son DeWitt was drowned last Saturday afternoon at Fire Island- M. Petty has finished cutting- has been here all day- Quantity of wood cut this spring for firewood is 15 loads.

Wednesday 16 Very warm - The day closed with a thunder storm- I constructed a hive with a glass at the back of each section- used it in forming  a new hive- The top section of my first swarm & two new sections.

Thursday 17 - we were all rather restless last night on account of the moschetoes- This has been another warm day- I painted a dozen hives- some of the first which I put together.- I wrote to Edward's and Platt in answer to a note from them respecting the purchase of some of my bees- a large swarm issued this afternoon. I put a glass in the back of one section - Father went to New York with the early train & returned at evening.

Friday 18- A little cooler than yesterday- I put the new strawberry bed in order-Transplanted the cabbage plants about 80- feel quite tired-

Saturday 19- Pleasant- I worked a short time in my shop- afternoon put the cellar in order- preparatory to moving the cooking stove into it- just at night moved it down

Sunday 20 - Warm- pleasant slight shower

Monday 21 - Quite warm I did get some work upon my observatory hive- This afternoon I attempted to drive the bees out of some of the hives- succeeded in getting the queen out of one hive- used a pair of bellows & tobacco- Mary did our washing- Father and Mother went to Long Wood to drive Chas J. Smith (Mastic) & his bride- were the important guests

Tuesday 22nd High wind - I have been very busy trying to dislodge the bees from the old hives- succeeded in getting the queens out of two hives but lost quite a large number of bees in one of them

Wednesday 23- Cooler - I broke up several old hives but did not succeed very well in securing the queen.

Thursday 24- morning showery- I went with the afternoon train to Greenport- visited dr. fanning- went to see his bees- saw several bee keepers.

Friday 25 - Windy- I returned home with the early train- cleared up about the apiary - went to the station- dr. Seabury & wife & two children came in the cars.

Saturday 26 Clear - About 6 O'c I went to the station in wagon and conveyed the six hives containing bees- went down again to meet the train at 71/2 A.M.- I worked in my garden & again went to the station to convey a dozen empty hives sold to Edwards and Platt-

Sunday 27 Pleasant though windy -This afternoon Wm. Russell & wife and his brother Robert called here.

Monday 28 Clear - I worked in my garden- Mary did washing- Archie thumped upon a hive & was stung in 2 or 3 places.

Tuesday 29 - Cloudy windy warm - I cut off the lower part of two hives (common) in order to make them of uniform height with two others which I design to place in the apiary- wrote a note to Chas Jones- finished observatory hive and painted it- during the night some animal found its way under a coop and destroyed 9 out of ten young chickens- I have set a steel trap for it-

Wednesday 30 warm cloudy - need of rain- Father is procuring his hay this week- I was up about 4 O'c & visited the trap- found a polecat fast by the legs and killed it- I prepared some boxes & shelves for the backs of two hives in the apiary- put them on


Thursday 1 Warm, varied with sun & clouds- I cut off a portion of 16 boxes to make them smaller for storing honey- worked in garden to- Reverend Walton & wife came with the 12O'c train & went to Longwood- he married Ann Seabury- The number of eggs in June is 157- several hens were sitting & several with chickens

Friday 2nd Cloudy, cleared off, high wind from N.W.- I took nine old hives to the station and went again at 1 p.m. to see that they were put into the freight train for Riverhead. Some which contained bees last fall and which I promised to return to Terry & Wells. I constructed a platform for some old hives which I think of putting into the Apiary- Drove the bees out from an old hive.

Saturday 3rd Cool, dry, windy - Dr. Fanning called to see me this morning- I put the glass in the observatory hive and then drove the swarm mentioned last evening (a small one) into it- The dr. returned with the 12O'c train- I walked to the station with him - Removed the stove from the westroom- Mary finished a cap for me.

Sunday 4 Pleasant- I fixed the seats in the west room- Reverend Walton had service- quite a number of the neighbors attended- afternoon, Father went to the Middle Island Church to the funeral of Phillip Mills- The swarm in the observatory hive I think had no queen and and were dispersing- a small swarm issued from one of the old hives and this I have put into the observatory hive.

Monday 5th - Rain much needed - I went to Hicksville on the 71/2 O'c train - waited there about two hours then went with the stage to Coldspring, arrived at Uncle David's at 121/2 O'c- afternoon accompanied grandfather and Uncle David's sons to the trotting course of Ezra Smith - returned at evening reflection that the afternoon had not been spent very profitably.

Tuesday 6th - Still warm Assisted Charles to drive out a few swarms of bees- Then Edmund took me in a wagon to Oyster Bay- Saw John T. Hamilton  & recd pay for a right to use Gilmore's hive - dined with Uncle Edward- took the steamboat at 5 p.m. and arrived in New York after six p.m. - Left my carpet bag at French's hotel and went to the Bowery theatre to see Lola Montes.

Wednesday 7th-  Still warm & dusty – Purchased some small articles & a barrel of sugar- called to see Edwards and Platt & received the balance of money for bees & hives- returned home with the 4 p.m. train – I find that the swarm in the observation hive- have been very industrious

 Thursday 8th. - I prepared a suitable place in the Apiary for the observation hive  - also prepared the four old hives and moved them  into the Apiary- at evening, went to the station after my barrel of sugar.  William H. Smith came down with the late train- is not very well – has the situation of conductor on the Hudson River RailRoad – recd. a letter from Mr. Wickham Jr. 

 Friday 9th. -Warm and dry- did some work for Apiary and fitted up an old tree trough – wrote a letter to Mr. Wickham Jr. – the queen has left the observatory hive.

 Saturday 10th. -Warm and dry – I have watered my garden for several nights past – I prepared 10 boxes and placed them on the top of five old hives – Robert Smith (Mastic) and Judge Bill (of Lime, Conn) called to see the apiary this afternoon – instructed the bee trough – began to feed my bees

 Sunday 11th. -Cloudy warm – we remained quietly at home.

 Monday 12th.  -Sultry – an effort at a shower but fails to – ground dry and vegetation suffering for the want of rain – I cleaned up my shop and constructed a bee trough – watered garden – Mary did our wash – Mr. Longbotham called to see the apiary .

 Tuesday 13th. -Warm and dry – Archie and I walked to the blacksmith shop – Dayton prepared 3 rods for fastening the apiary windows – this afternoon constructed 2 sets of shelves and prepared 6 boxes and put them at the back of the hives.

 Wednesday 14th. -Warm, sun and cloud a light shower which allayed the dust.  Mary made a pair of curtains for the apiary and I prepared 2 larger boxes for the bees to store honey.

 Thursday 15th. -Warm, dry. The rain of last evening did not penetrate the ground – mere surface.  I put the 2 larger boxes on the back of  2 old hives – constructed a small feeder for feeding the bees within the house – Mary prepared 2 more curtains. 

 Friday 16th. -Warm, cloudy.  – constructed another feeder for interior of house – William Smith called and took supper with us. 

 Saturday 17th. -Commenced raining during the night and continued this morning – a fine shower after the long drought.  I put on 4 small boxes – purchased a hive of Gerard from which 2 swarms had gone – there were a few bees remaining and I helped to find a queen for my observatory – I drove them out but did not discover any.

 Sunday 18th. -Cooler – we remain quietly at home. 

 Monday 19th. -Cool, clear and pleasant.  I went to the station – saw Egbert Smith’s brother of Charles Jeffrey – he is about going to California – I then rode on horseback to Wampmissic and took an account of the wood, which Hiram Edwards is now cutting – afternoon, constructed 2 small feeders – father went to Wampmissic with Mr. Higgins to measure the wood at the station there. – Archie is 21 years of age.

 Tuesday 20th. -Cool night – day pleasant carted 30 wheelbarrows of wood into the shed – writing & c

 Wednesday 21st -Clear-hot sun – I constructed a small feeder – this afternoon I commenced boiling the wax form the old combs

 Thursday 22nd. -Clear- scorching sun – I finished trying out the wax – constructed a shelf and put on 2 more boxes – Mary drew water – I watered the garden

 Friday the 23 -Clear – scorching sun – the ground parched. I constructed a feeder – picked a few berries in the swamp – called to see Mrs. Robert Hawkins who is sick – carried her some honey – went to the pond to catch some perch – caught 9  - I use them to draw the bugs for the young chickens

 Saturday 24th -Cooler, calm clear this morning put under the shed 20 wheelbarrows of wood – this afternoon constructed 2 small feeders.  A daughter of Henry Nicoll aged 3 or 4 died today at Mastic

 Sunday 25 -Clear, present.  I arranged the seats in the west room – Dr. Seabury had service at 10 ½  O’c. the room pretty well filled.  Susie was baptized under the name Susan Amelia – she behaves very well, made no noise – service this afternoon at 4 pm.

 Monday 26- Several fine showers- This afternoon went to Mastic with Father & Mother to attend the funeral of Henry Nicoll’s child 4 years old in June last- Played two games of chess with Dr. Seabury

 Tuesday 27 – Clear cooler.- No traces of the rain of yesterday- Constructed a feeder this morning- Took Mary and the children a short ride as far as M. Homan’s-

 Wednesday 28 Clear & pleasant. – dry- Constructed a larger feeder for one of the common hives. About 6 p.m. went into the swamp & picked a few berries- Archie was sick at his stomach this morning- I gave him a ride in his cart through the woods- Killed a blacksnake 41/2 feet in length.

 Thursday 29 Clear, high wind from sw- put the feeder constructed yesterday in place & began to feed the bees in that hive- Prepared a box also for surplus honey – picked some berries between 5&6 p.m. Grandfather Jones called here came from Coldspring to Long Wood day before yesterday- Robert Jones came down today,- Vegetation needs rain- I have been watering the garden.-

 Friday 30 Shower during the night & a little rain this morning- I removed one of the old hives from the apiary & cleaned it out- found some honey,

 Saturday 31 – Clear & warm, cloudy towards evening with a sprinkle of rain- assisted John in digging potatoes a portion of both morning & afternoon- they are of fair size, but the dry weather has prevented a greater quantity.


 Sunday 1 – Pleasant – cool – afternoon Mary & I with the children, rode to Long Wood- number of eggs in July is 126.

 Monday 2 – Cool nights- day pleasant- afternoon a fine shower- some hail with it- I assisted in picking over the potatoes, also in digging- Writing an article for the “Plow”- picked a few berries- Robert Jones took supper with us- Arrived by the evening train.

 Tuesday 3rd – Cool & pleasant – Afternoon fine shower with some thunder- assisted a while in digging potatoes. Mrs. Kate Jones called here _ I went to the station for grandfather on the arrival of the evening train.

 Wednesday 4th morning pleasant, the latter part of the afternoon & evening rainy- Sarah Maria, Mary and Miss Onderdonk called here to visit apiary. They went with Mother & Robert Jones to mastic- John  & I picked over the balance of the potatoes- the whole quantity is 50 bushels- I have been copying my article for the “Plow”

 Thursday 5th – Cool & pleasant.- Considerable rain fell last night. I finished my article for the plow. 6 pages of cap.- dated it at Clarendon & signed Jesse Humphrey’s – it is a review and commendation of Gilmore’s hive – it is doubtful whether the editor will have it published- Mother had quite a number of guests to supper- I froze some ice cream- Sent off 14 bushels of potatoes by the freight train- hear the price has fallen to six shillings

 Friday 6 slight shower, - pleasant – I went to New York with the early train – sold a portion of potatoes for 81 & 5 bu. For 871/2 per bushel- But not being present when they were measured the rascals made only 13 bushels.- I made some purchases and returned home at evening – Robert Jones went home today. I left my communication for the plow at the place where the editor’s office is.

 Saturday 7 – several showers, thunder – sun- Grandfather went to Coldspring- I removed a box of honey weighing 4 lbs.- went to the station after a barrel of sugar.

 Sunday 8 Cloudy – slight –showery- warm- Father & Mother with Sarah Maria, Mary Ann & c went to Patchogue to church.

 Monday 9 Cloudy, varied with sun- thunder showers- went down father’s well after bucket- Wrote to D. Carll Jr. – prepared a small box for the bees- resumed work on the bedstead commenced some time since.

 Tuesday 10 morning sunny, afternoon cloudy _ I worked in my shop- picked a few fine berries in the swamp About 12O’c- afternoon went to Wampmissic intending to take an account of the wood not yet carted, but S. Raynor not being there I was obliged to return without accomplishing it. Mary, I & the children rode as far as Mrs. Howell’s-

 Wednesday 11 – Considerable rain fell last night- I continued work upon bedstead- removed several boxes of honey- At evening went to the station after Dr. Phillip Jones who went to Greenport today on the excursion train.

 Thursday 12 Clear & warm – Dr. Jones & father went to New York this afternoon- I went to Wampmissic & took an acct of 500 cds of wood lying in the woods- sold to the railroad.

 Friday 13 Clear & pleasant - I have been rather idle. Carried Dr. Seabury to the afternoon train- Went with Mary & the children to convey Mrs. Phillip Jones to Long Wood. Went to the station on the arrival of the late train after Father.

Saturday 14- Clear & present - At work in my shop- afternoon walked to the store with Archie.

Sunday 15 Clear & pleasant - Mary & I walked out with the children.

Monday 16- Clear, bright sun- I carted a quantity of wood into my wood shed- went in search of some berries, but picked only a few-

Tuesday 17 Cloudy with light sprinkle of rain- I wrote a few lines to Dr. Fanning and to Charles Vail - Carted in some wood- At evening waded down the river expecting to see some wood ducks. - saw only a blue Heron which I would not shoot at- Mary Ann Jones has taken up her abode with us for a day or two.

Wednesday 18 - Cool morning - bright sun Calm & warm- I worked a while in my shop- Mary Ann went to the beach with the Smith's of Long Wood- I removed two boxes of honey, but had the misfortune to shove one of them out of the window of the apiary, which broke the combs & I was obliged to remove them-

Thursday 19 Warm & Clear, dry- I worked in my shop for a while- Mary Ann returned here- James D. Jones is at Long Wood.

Friday 20 Cloudy afternoon appearance of rain- The Roberts of Mastic & their cousins from New Utrecht called here- Dr. Jones called here- For my own part I did not accomplish much.

Saturday 21 No rain- ground dry- I went to the early train to send a basket for some peaches- I finished bedstead & put it in place. Remove the 10th box filled with honey.

Sunday 22. - Clear and pleasant- Mary and I went with the children, a short walk- Mary Ann went to Long Wood this afternoon- Mary & the children rode along.

Monday 23 - Cloudy I prepared a few boards to catch the drippings of rain from the roof of the apiary- Split some boards &c- Wrote to dr. Fanning and to Paige Croswell- Mary not only did our washing but wrote to her Father and brother Kellog-

Tuesday 24 Warm - bright- I painted the bedstead &c- Uncle Robert Weeks & wife arrived at Father's- Charles Howell bought 800 bricks for well.

Wednesday 25 Cloudy - Slight shower this morning- I wrote to Mrs. H. Cook- Removed a large box of honey- the other is also filled- Rain is needed-

Thursday 26 Fine rain during the night and showers this morning- warm and oppressive- Uncle Benjamin Underhill & wife arrived at 121/2 M. - Dr. Seabury & family return to New York - Mrs. Seabury not well.- I constructed some boxes for honey to remove the other large box- Wrote to Farmingdale for 1000 well bricks.

Friday 27- Cloudy - air close & oppressive- I have not been very industrious- On the contrary have felt disposed to fall into man's original sin laziness-

Saturday 28 - Cloudy - showers in the morning- Mary, I & the children took a short ride and came home in the rain - Mrs. Robert Weeks & the Underhills left with the afternoon train, I went to the station early this morning and ordered a basket of peaches- I went after them at the evening train. This was behind time & came up in the midst of a hard rain- Wm. Russell arrived intending to go on to Longwood , but found no conveyancy & invited him to spend the night with me, which he accepted. I had an opportunity to send my peaches as far as Mill's store & from here I carried them home through the mud and rain.-Prepared six boxes for honey

Sunday 29 It continued to rain during the night and has continued to day, with scarcely an abatement. Mr. Russell remained with me..

Monday 30 - Cloudy- Occasional showers- Clear at evening - Russell left this morning with the 71/2 train. - I partially filled a mattress with cloth shearings - painted a ladder & c with other small matters, not worth enumerating- Mary as usual did our washing- a faithful wife in every sense- I removed some of the feeders and put boxes in the place of them.

Tuesday 31 - a fine & clear day- I went to Bellport this afternoon a brought home a load of cedar rails- number of eggs this month is 85.


Wednesday 1st - Clear, sun warm - i went to Bellport & procured a load (50) of cedar rails- Put 25 bricks into the head of bedstead for weight- Walked to the station to return a peach basket to the baggage master.

Thursday 2nd Clear, hot in the sun- Archie & I took a walk north of Mr. Mill's in search of bees. found none

Friday 3. Clear, breeze from S.W. Cloudy towards evening- thunder & lightning at a distance - Mary & I with children went to Patchogue _ Mary wished to have a tooth extracted- I had a conical tin vessel constructed in which to mould the bees-wax- sold to Sutton the dentist a recipe for feeding bees for $5.00- We reached home about 2p.m.

Saturday 4 Clear & pleasant.- This morning attended the funeral of Townsend Van-Nostrand- A boy accidentally drowned on Thursday while bathing in a pond at Middle Island.- melted and moulded some wax and made a candle by dipping as an experiment.

Sunday 5 -Clear and very pleasant- Occupied in reading- Mary wrote to her brother John K. Croswell

Monday 6 Clear & pleasant - nights cool- Mary was occupied with our washing- I was engaged in melting wax- About 6p.m.I waded down the river about a mile but saw no ducks- gathered about 30 water-melons from Father's corn field.

Tuesday 7 - Clear & pleasant - I sent an advertisement to Platt of the Long Islander and to David Brush, of the Democrat - I hear since I sent my letter that the latter died on Sunday- Went on horse as far as Overton's store.

Wednesday 8 - Cloudless sky - I constructed two frames for the moschetoe nets for west room windows up stairs- Early this morning I waded some distance down the river- Mrs. Titus, her sister, and nieces- and her son Joseph Henry & wife called here about 6 p.m.

Thursday 9 - The beautiful weather still continues- Father and Mother went to Patchogue- I was occupied in various ways. - Procured some pears from Mr. Mill's trees- Cleaned stove & pipe and arranged them in the west room- L'Hommedieu & brother were here at work upon my blinds which worked badly

Friday 10 - Cloudy- damp. warm - indications of rain- I prepared a contivance for converting the sofa table into a child's bedstead- Repaired castor on Father's table.- Sealed a number of boxes of honey- weighed them- Paid Charles Howell for 800 well bricks- Mary has been very busy preparing for the reception of her brother Kellogg expected tomorrow.

Saturday 11 Warm, afternoon cloudy _ Removed the 21st box of honey- Fastened the two large boxes of honey together & put on a handle for the convenience of removing them. Went to the station at 12. M- Kellogg & his wife arrived- They were married at Gilboa last Thursday morning- Commenced raining this evening-

Sunday 12 Steady rain during the night- Wind south west- showers this morning- afternoon cleared up

Monday 13 - Quite cool, clear, wind from N.W.- Father & Mother Kellogg & wife & I went to mastic _ I procured Mr. Nicholl's boat and rowed Kellogg and wife across the bay- and we went to the ocean- I had considerable difficulty in rowing back on account of the wind.- We reached home about 3 p.m.

Tuesday 14. - Clear, pleasant- We all (except Susy, who remained with mother) went to Bellport and called upon Mrs. Titus.- Uncle Sidney, Aunt Ellen, Robert & Amelia & Father & Mother took tea with us- The bees remain pretty closely in their hives.

Wednesday 15. Cloudy- Showers this afternoon-Occupied in reading, writing & c. M. Petty began to plow a portion of the lot here. Preparatory to sowing wheat.-

Thursday 16. Clear & pleasant - Kellogg & I went out with our guns, but saw nothing worth shooting- L'Hommedieu and brother were here this afternoon & painted my blinds.- Plowing finished and wheat sown- Recd a letter- from Edward K. Bryan in reply to mine, stating that the County reply to mine. Stating that the County Fair had been postponed to Oct.6th

Friday 17, Clear and pleasant - I went to the river early this morning & shot two grey squirrels. we all went to Long Wood to dinner & spent the afternoon- visited Uncle Sidney's orchard, the peach trees are loaded with fruit.

Saturday 18 - Clear and pleasant- Kellogg & I waded the river to the head of Carman's Pond. - I succeeded in killing three Teal afternoon, picked & dressed them. Robert M. Russell came in the late train and informed us of the death of Aunt Amelia (Mrs. Seabury) - she died about 2 p.m.

Sunday 19 - Clear & Pleasant - We remained quietly at home- Father & Mother went to Long Wood

Monday 20 Clear & pleasant - Kellogg & I went very early and waded the river, but without success. Father & Mother went to New York with the early train.- I picked a quantity of small melons (water) & pressed out the juice and boiled it. it seemed to contain too much acid to become a sweet syrup- I drove to the station on the arrival of the evening train- received to day a volume from Mrs. Phillip Jones- written by her Father.

Tuesday 21 - Pleasant wind S.W. - afternoon cloudy- we all went to the sound at Miller's Place. drove along shore quite a distance- Reached home between 2&3 p.m.- we carried a gun with us & shot one wild pigeon.

Wednesday 22- Slight shower during the night- Clear and pleasant today- Kellogg & I went early down the stream. I shot two teal- After breakfast we took a ride to Fireplace & returned on the west side of the river.

Thursday 23 - Pleasant - cooler - I took Kellogg & his wife and Archie to Wampmissic- Towards evening we went down the river but without any success- Henry Floyd Jones arrived & went to Long Wood

Friday 24- Cloudy - Kellogg & I took another view of the stream, but the ducks were scarce. Went to the station at 12 M. after Father who returned - Caleb King & John Brown called & I showed them the Apiary.

Saturday 25- Cloudy _ I wrote a number of forms for granting rights to Gilmore's hive- Towards night Kellogg & I went out with our guns, but in different directions- I shot one partridge & one pigeon- James and John Smith came home and Brace arrived with the evening train

Sunday 26- Considerable rain fell during the night and showery this morning- Afternoon. Kellogg, Brace & I ascended a hill in the vicinity from which we could see the ocean-

Monday 27- Clear, cool & pleasant _ I conveyed Kellogg & his wife and Brace to the station to take the early train for New York - About 11 O'c I started for Wampmissic in order to be there upon the arrival of the afternoon train to meet Mr.. Weeks (auctioneer) who came down with Mr. Blake to take a look at Wampmissic- Father accompanied them from Yaphank station-We spent the afternoon in riding about Wampmissic- Weeks and Blake are spending the night at Father's- Removed some boxes partly filled with honey

Tuesday 28 _ Cloudy - high wind from the south west- Weeks and Blake left with the early train- Occupied for a while in writing- Towards evening went down to the river saw two ducks and wounded one, but it escaped into the bushes.

Wednesday 29 Cloudy - Wind N.W. afternoon clear- I put glass in the backs of two sections- Removed 4 boxes partly filled with honey. Mrs. Henry Nicoll & Miss Thorn called here this afternoon-

Thursday 30-  Calm & pleasant _ I prepared a board & painted it to be used as a black board for Archie- Sent letters to Editors of Watchman and Connector- walked with my gun, but shot nothing.


Friday 1 - Cool night - Clear & pleasant to day- I was occupied in drawing some designs for Apiaries arrangement of hives & c- Number of eggs in September was 65

Saturday 2 - Clear warm & bright sun- Father & Mother started for Cold Spring with their carriage & horses- I went to Wampmissic with the 12 O'c train to engage a wagon of Mr.. Taft to convey me to Huntington next next week- he has a small one here at the blacksmiths shop- Archie & I gathered some fall Pippins

Sunday 3 -Pleasant - we walked out with the children

Monday 4th Cloudy - afternoon showery Drew a front view of Apiary to contain 8 hives on a tier- Recd a letter from Father informing me that the County Fair had again been postponed- Afternoon I walked as far as Overton's store to inform him that I should not need his horse tomorrow.

Tuesday 5 - High wind from the north west - I went to Wampmissic with the 12 O'c train, having heard a rumor of a swarm of bees in a tree- but when I arrived there, no one had heard of it & so I returned with the next train- towards evening, I waded the river and shot two black ducks but one concealed himself in the bushes and I did not recover it.

Wednesday 6 - Morning Cloudy with slight shower: Afternoon clear-

Thursday 7 - Warm in the sun- I went to the river early this morning- saw quite a flock of ducks, but was unable to approach near enough to shoot any- I cleared away some of the bushes so that I can approach nearer at a future time: I came home with quite a headache- Hear of the death of Mrs. Bailey and her youngest child- The latter died last week and Mrs. Bailey yesterday afternoon.

Friday 8 Rain with thunder & lightning during the night- sun came out warm this afternoon. thunder squall with some rain- Archie has had a diarrhea for several days having eaten a quantity of grapes, seeds and all. I have been somewhat indolent- Towards evening waded the stream a mile or more without success.

Saturday 9 - Cloudy - Archie was improving yesterday, but John gave him some candy (cocoanut) and he was restless during the night and the loose discharges have returned to day. Susy begins to creep- Mrs. Bailey's funeral took place this afternoon

Sunday 10 Dark, Damp & showery - We remained within doors. Archie seems to be improving.

Monday 11 High Wind- Clear - Calm at evening- I went early to the river returned without success- reading & c - Archie better- I find my article upon bees in the Oct. no of the "Plow"

Tuesday 12 - Calm, Clear, cool in the morning - afternoon wind S.W. cloudy - warm. I went early to the river and might have had a shot of some ducks, if I had proceeded with more caution. Walked with Archie as far as the Rail Road- Finished reading Kellogg on Labor & Capitol

Wednesday 13 - Cloudy- Slight shower - went early to the river- shot at some ducks but did not obtain any- went late again in the afternoon & shot two wood ducks- I constructed a wooden decoy duck- Father and Mother returned home from Fort neck.

Thursday 14- Cloudy - rain at evening - I went early to the river, but saw no ducks- shot two fine trout- I made another decoy- Father & Mother dined with us.

Friday 15 Some rain during the night & this morning. Cloud & Sun, with high wind from the N.W.- rather cool- I went early to the river & watched an hour or two, but no ducks came- I cleaned the stove and removed it from the cellar- I went again to the river and waded it for some distance but no ducks to be seen- The wind continues & it becomes colder- gathered my grapes.

Saturday 16 - Wind N.W. & blew like fury all day- Cold - I went again early to the river, but it was rather cool to remain long, if I had shot any ducks I should mention it- I rode as far as Osborn Overton's to inform him that I should want his horse next week. I finished making two small maps for Aunt Eliza Underhill-

Sunday 17 - White frost this morning- The green leaves of many plants have withered- milder chilly air from the south- afternoon a slight shower. Mary & i walked as far as Franklin Howell's-

Monday 18 - Morning, mild & pleasant - afternoon cloudy, high wind from S.W. _ i went to the stream this morning- shot a woodcock & two trout - went again at evening- I swept the cellar - received a barrel of apples sent by Grandfather from cold spring

Tuesday 19 Windy, cloudy, colder at evening- Thunder early this morning and slight rain- Archie is two years old to day- He walked to the mill with me & weighed him - 261/2 lbs. I went with father to the station - he went to New York with the afternoon train. Took Mary & children as far as Mrs.. Petty's while I went after Overton's horse.

Wednesday 20 - Quite cold - no rain- I started quite early this morning for Huntington in order to be present at the fair tomorrow- Stopped at the Branch (Hallock's) & fed horse- Called at J. Lawrence Smith's & dined with him- continued on & passed through Huntington to Lloyd's Neck & reached A.B. Crossman's about sunset- Spent the night- Talked about bees & c- Mrs. C thinks she will adopt my hive-

Thursday 21 Cloudy in the morning, but the day subsequently proved pleasant- I left Crossman's soon after 8 A.M. - Drove to Huntington; exhibited my honey and wax at the fair, which were much admired- sold the six smaller boxes which I exhibited- was appointed one of the judges of the "Dairy"- Under this head were some fine samples of butter.; Went to Uncle David Jones's at Cold Spring & spent the night- There were some fine vegetables exhibited the fair to day & some fine apples & grapes but it was too late in the season for some fruits.

Friday 22- Clear & pleasant - left Uncle David's this morning- drove to Dix Hill's, called to see Miss Jackson (maiden lady) whom I saw at the fair yesterday- I removed two boxes of honey from her two hives- thence continued on as far as David Carll's where I took dinner- examined their bees & c thence continued & called a few minutes at Caleb Smith's at Comac - went as far as Judge J.B. Smith's (Hauppauge) and spent the night.

Saturday 23- Cloudy in the morning- High Wind, chilly.- I left Judge Smith's - called at Milne's and talked with him awhile- Thence passed through Smith Town and arrived at Stoney Brook, before 12 M.- Went to Chas Seabury's and dined with him- he is engaged in the construction of pianos- Called to see Wm. S. and Sheppard Mount- Left here about 3 P.M. and called at Benj Bailey's on my way home- Bailey's stock of bees very much reduced- I reached home soon after 7 O'c P.M.- Mary and the children well- Mrs. J sold seven masks during my absence. Mrs. Richard Smith & daughter Charlotte were at Father's also Uncle Sidney. Aunt Ellen, Wm. Robert and Amelia.

Sunday 24 - Quite pleasant - air chilly- Walked out a little while with the children. Robt. H. Hawkins & wife called here.

 Monday 25 - Warm & pleasant. Indian summer _ I took Overton's horse home - Wrote a letter to Judge Smith & sent him a copy of Dr. Thew on "Children & Their diseases" - wrote also to John T. Hamilton. Oyster Bay- Between 12 & 1 O'c went to Wampmissic & with Mr.. Higgins measured some of father's wood & some of mine- Amelia & Rebecca Strong (Oak Wood) dined at Father's- Edward A. Strong & wife also arrived there with the 12 O'c train- I gave Misses Strong a box of honey.

Tuesday 26 - Cooler than yesterday - We received intelligence yesterday of the death of Daniel Webster- Read a biographical sketch of him in the New York Daily Times - this afternoon i whitewashed the ceiling of the west room.-

Wednesday 27 - Frost, chilly- Afternoon cloudy - I whitewashed the ceiling of the east room- prepared some mortar and plastered the space between the east room board & the front of the apiary- to exclude mice & c. went to the stream early this morning.

Thursday 28- Cloudy, warm - Reading & c- made a small map for mother- Mr. & Mrs. Strong returned to New York.

Friday 29 Cloudy- Robert Smith, Amelia, Miss Charlotte & Miss Mary Smith called here- I cut out two brackets for the north end of the wood shed.

Sat. 30 Cloudy - indications of rain- slight sprinkle at evening- Father & I went to Wampmissic & as far as the Country Road- reached home about 2 P.M.

Sunday 31 - Rain during the night - today, showery, damp, misty, murky -mild- occupied in reading - commenced reading the Bible in regular order.


Monday 1 Cloudy damp murky - reading & c- did not accomplish much - No of eggs in October is 47.

Tuesday 2 Thunder & lightning with rain before dawn this morning- damp - shower again this evening- afternoon attended the election at Coram.

Wednesday 3 - Clear - high wind from north west- prepared some paint for roof of Apiary- cleansed some paint brushes- Evening went to the village lecture room- Samuel Edward's spoke upon temperance- Mr. Hunting called here.

Thursday 4 - Cloudy - showery - Went to New York with the 91/2 train - Put up at French's Hotel- Called to see Uncle Daniel who keeps livery stable in Bowery near 4 St.

Friday  5 -Drizzly, damp - walked about considerably, and made some purchases- This evening at the hotel saw Edwin Wright a former classmate - Went with Sidney Smith to Mr. Kellogg's house in south Brooklyn & spent the evening- had tooth extracted this morning.

Saturday 6 - Cloudy-cold &chilly - return home with the two O'clock train.-

Sunday 7- Steady rain during the night, cloudy- clear at evening - at 3 p.m. went to church to hear Mr.. Hunting.

Monday 8th Clear, colder, windy - I designed & commenced constructing an ornamental figure for Apiary- At evening walked down to the station - Recd a letter from Hamilton of Oyster Bay.

Tuesday 9 Milder- cloudy- I finished ornament for Apiary & put it on & painted it one coat- Father came from Cold Spring to day he intends spending the winter at Long Wood- I walked to the station but my picture frame & oil which I expected did not arrive.

Wednesday 10 - Considerable rain fell during the night- sun at intervals today- I puttied some nail heads upon roof of Apiary preparatory to painting- prepared some paint - went again to the station, but without success.

Thursday 11 Heavy white frost- I painted the south half of roof of Apiary- I drove to the station & procured my can of oil.

Friday 12 Rainy - cleared late in the afternoon- I have been papering some doors instead of painting them-

Saturday 13 Cold wind from N.W. - I painted the north roof of Apiary - constructed a rabbit trap- Father went to Fort Neck to examine the church there- he returned home again this evening- Mrs. Taft called here- John carted some wood for me-

Sunday 14 - Cloudy- high wind from N.W. snow squalls but no snow accumulated - reading - wrote a letter to A. Croswell-

Monday 15 - Quite cold & high wind from N.W. - found a rabbit in my trap which furnished Archie some amusement- I completed another trap- Put nearly 30 cabbages into the cellar- Gave the balance in garden to H. Taft- replaced a broken window light in South Wing- waded the river 11/2 mile- shot a partridge.

Tuesday 16 -Wind continued through the night - milder this morning- I caught another rabbit Dr. Miller & Dr. Preston called to see my Apiary- They are attending J.P. Mill's wife. Went to the station with Father for a book case formerly belonging to his Father& came from Oyster Bay- I also recd a barrel of apples from Uncle Edward- Aunt Ellen & Susy Smith took supper with us- A window fell upon Archie's hand this afternoon and bruised it considerably. applied cold water to it.

Wednesday 17 - Morning pleasant - afternoon cloudy - Father's hogs were killed - I used the rifle- Replained Father's book case- Mrs. J.P. Mills delivered  of a female child last night- She herself remains very ill- Archie's hand seems to be well. I finished another rabbit trap & Archie went with me to set the three.

Thursday 18 Rainy _ I looked over the accounts of cost of house & recorded in my account book - reading-

Friday 19 Cloudy, damp chilly- I finished what I began yesterday-

Saturday 20 Cloudy - cold & windy- I constructed a shelf to be suspended in the cellar.

Sunday 21 - Clear- cool - windy- We hear of the death of Mr. Robert's (Mastic) youngest daughter from Scarlet Fever after a few days' illness- Mary & I called to see J.P. mill's wife- A rabbit in one of the traps this morning-

Monday 22 - A cold frosty morning - Mercury at 20- I went to H. Randall's to meet the collector & pay our yearly tax- Edmund Hawkins rode with me. Samuel H. Townsend called here-

Tuesday 23- Commenced raining during the night & continued to day - I constructed a small picture frame & covered it with paper- The children both caught slight colds today.

Wednesday 24 - Clear, cold & windy - I sent an assessment to the insurance Co. at Saratoga Springs- Put a new sash in window of east room up stairs in place of one which had two lights broken- Archie is quite restless this evening- I cut some wood at woodpile.

Thursday 24 Quite mild & pleasant - Thanksgiving Day- I went to the station & sent by Smith's express for a picture frame which I ordered some weeks ago in Brooklyn- I found some of my stocks of bees taking injury from the condensation of moisture within the hive. I removed two of the plugs at the back of each hive & gave them a circulation of air- I finished reading Reuben Medlicott-

Friday 26 Continued rain - wind S.W. - I was occupied chiefly in arranging the family record- I walked to the station at evening and receiving my picture frame which arrived with the car.

Saturday 27 - Rain during the night - unabated- ceased today- I have been reading & exercising in cutting wood.

Sunday 28 Clear, Cool, windy - reading- Towards evening I walked as far as the swamp in the hills-

Monday 29 - Frosty morning - pleasant- cloudy - We were up very early & Mary finished washing our clothes- I cut some wood. Took Archie a ride in his cart.

Tuesday 30 Frosty - day pleasant - I made some changes to the Apiary, in the boards, which pass along the top of the upper tier of hives-Took susy a ride to the blacksmith shop-Recd a printed marriage certificate of my marriage- from Mrs.. Bogardus-


Wednesday.1 Frosty- day mild for the season- I finished what I began yesterday- Wrote to Nathan Burd to inquire the price of a cooking stove for M. Petty- no of eggs in November was 3- the hens have ceased laying-

Thursday. 2 Warm & pleasant- unusually mild for the season- the morning was frosty- John, Father's Irishman left today, his time having expired- the care of the horses and cows devolves upon me, as Father & Mother are going to New York so soon that another man will not be engaged- I opened the front of the Apiary and the bees came out in great numbers. Took Mary & the children a ride- Mrs. Homan (formerly Mary Bishop) whose health is not very good, we invited to accompany us- Mr. & Mrs. Ireland & Miss Catherine Floyd took tea at Father's.

Friday 3 Mild, Cloudy - indications of rain at evening. frosty last night- Father purchased a new bucket. Father brought a pup here for us to take care of this winter, it is one which Thomas Smith sent him-

Sat. 4th Rainy, warm- I wrote two copies of contract for building a church between Father & Edmund petty- The latter came up during the afternoon & the contract was executed- I commenced small set of steps for interior of Apiary-

Sunday 5th Cloudy & damp- occasional showers all day- Reading, reflecting.

Monday 6th Clear, warm & pleasant- Sarah (Irishwoman) left with the cars- Father & Mother are getting ready to shut up their house- They will spend the night with us- I now have charge of the milking.

Tuesday 7th Still mild - afternoon cloudy- Father & Mother went off with the 111/2 O'c train- this afternoon took Mary & the children a ride in the wagon.

Wednesday 8th Violent rain storm during the night- wind from the south- Clear this morning- mild & pleasant- After milking I harnessed the horses and went with compass to run some lines a short distance east of Bellport station for Sylvester Homan- reached home about 4 p.m. took Mary and the children a short ride- Recd a letter from H. Blank, respecting bees.

Thursday 9 Frosty- then mild & summer like, then cloudy- Wrote to H. Clark (Orient)- Finished the steps which I commenced the other day.

Friday 10 Cloudy, mild- Wrote an advertisement for a W. Dayton- Archie & I rode to the station

Saturday 11 - Rain commenced during the night and the day has been dark & rainy- reading

Sunday 12 - Clear- windy- colder- We took the children out for a short time this afternoon-

Monday 13 - Frosty- succeeded by cold rain storms- I rode up the street this afternoon & procured a few subscribes for the Cultivator-

Tuesday 14 -Frosty the sun shone, but the air was chilly. About 11 O'c. I started for Bellport ordered a pair of boots, procured a couple of boards- called at Irelands- could not induce him to purchase a right as they were not less but he loves dollars more- Reached home about 4 P.M.

Wednesday 15- Frosty- day pleasant - I put a quantity of green wood into the north wing-This afternoon commenced painting Father's farm wagon.

Thursday 16- white frost this morning- Cloudy- indications of rain. - finished painting wagon- put some shears of stalks into stable. There is such a constant succession of rains that it is difficult to find a time when the stacks are dry. Daniel Swezey came down to see my apiary but the price of patent seemed to frighten him very much.

Friday 17 - Violent rain during the night, wind S.E. day cloudy, slight showers. The east wall of ice house cased in from the effect of the rain - I wrote a few lines to Father & carried the letter to the station.

Sat. 18 Wind changed during the night to N.W.- I expected a man to remove the stones, dirt & c from ice house, but he did not come- I cleared out the horse stables.- came home & read a while. Harnessed & went to the station - after dinner I went after Topping the mason, but he was engaged & could not come on Monday, but I have engaged two men to assist me on Monday.

Sun. 19 - Wind has ceased- air quite cold- Mary, I & the children called this afternoon at Mrs. Hawkin's.

Mon. 20 - Wind from the south - air mild- Mitchell came this morning to clear the rubbish in the ice house - worked half a day & Wm. Albin came also - but they were deterred from proceeding for fear the walls would fall in- I went to see the collector at the house of Horace Randall - to receive a portion of the tax which had been overpaid by reason of a mistake- Sent a letter to Dr. Nichols, inclosing $1.00 for a book.-

Tuesday 21 - Damp, cloudy, cold, misty-showers- Recd. a letter from James Weeks informing me that he intended coming to Yaphank on Sat. next - Wrote a letter to Father-

Wednesday 22- Clear & cold, about 10 O'c I went to Wampmissic on horseback- called to see Akerly- found him abed & not fully recovered from a drunken spree- his family all absent as it is said he turned them out on Monday night- I reached home about 1 p.m.

Thursday 23 - I went to Wampmissic to meet Father, who came from new York- we reached home at 3p.m.- father is staying with us-

Friday 24 - I assisted Father in taking down a bedstead at his house belonging to Wm. Russell- James Weeks came down today also Wm. Smith- father went to Long Wood to dinner- he has concluded to do nothing with the ice house this winter-

Sat. 25 Christmas- cloudy- mild- Father went to new York with the train at 111/2 )'c- We all went to dine at Long Wood- Scott arrived with the train & was there also- We returned home about 5 p.m.

Sun. 26 - somewhat cold- wind from N.W. - this afternoon we were up the street & Mary called to see franklin Howell's wife & carried her some articles of food.

Monday 27 - Morning pleasant- afternoon cloudy & hail mingled with rain- David & Elbert Jones called here with the Smith's- James Weeks went to Long Wood with them.

Tuesday 28 - foggy, storm- high wind from the south, south west- David & Elbert Jones came from Long Wood & took dinner with us. Mrs. Mills, wife of J.P. Mills died this afternoon-

Wed. 29 - colder - I went to Bellport- took dinner at Mr. Titus's- Mr. Titus decided to adopt my hives.

Thursday 30 - Cloudy, mild - I wrote a letter to reverend Bogardus & enclosed him $5.- The body of Mrs. Mills was conveyed to Baiting Hollow this afternoon-

Friday 31- Cloudy calm & warm- i rose between 5&6 A.M. & after providing for the cows & c I harnessed the horses & soon after seven I started for Baiting Hollow to convey Mr. & Mrs. Mills & Eliza, their daughter to the funeral of John's wife- we arrived there before 11.- Left there on our return about 21/2 p.m. - I feel quite fatigued.

Transcribed by,
Paul Infranco

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