Old Advance Article Tells of Bellport's 1893 Hooker

Old Advance Article Tells Of Bellport’s 1893 Hooker


                                                By Thomas R. Bayles


            The following account of the dedication of the Bellport Hook and Ladder Company is taken from The Patchogue Advance for November 24, 1893.

            “The boys of the Patchogue Hook and Ladder Co., about 25 strong, with their truck, were met at Dunton by the handsome company of the Bellport Hook and Ladder boys with their new truck, headed by the band and escorted by a torch light brigade marched on to Bellport.  After a short stop at the truck house, the procession moved down Bellport Ave. and back again to the truck house, after which the firemen repaired to Woodruff’s Hall where seats had been reserved for them.

            “The hall was packed with over 300 people and the musical program was executed with all the skill and grace characteristic of Bellport’s talented musicians.

            “Chief Edwin Bailey of Patchogue, in presenting the new truck to the firemen on behalf of the people of Bellport, complimented both the people of Bellport and the firemen, by saying that the former were worthy of praise for making possible the formation of the company, and the firemen were worthy of equal praise for rallying so heartily to the work before them.

            “Foreman Everett M. Price, or receiving the truck on behalf of the company, thanked the people for the confidence reposed in the volunteer firemen, and hoped the organization of the fire company was the beginning of greater things for the village.

            “Rev. Frisbie made a speech and presented a fine silver trumpet to the fire company on behalf of the manufactures of the handsome modern equipped truck.

            “After cheering the closing words of Mr. Drinker the audience repaired to the new truck house where the ladies of the village served a delicious and bountiful lunch was served to everyone.  This expression of hospitality went right to the hearts and stomachs of the Patchogue boys.  Their only regret was that it was not in good form to eat the waiters, as they certainly did look good enough and sweet enough to satisfy any epicurean taste.

            “While the people of Bellport are congratulating themselves on the possession of a well equipped and well manned Hook and Ladder Co., the time may come when they will see the heroic efforts of the young men save their village from total destruction.  The editor of the Advance counts himself honored in being permitted to make the acquaintance of such gentlemanly brother firemen.

            “The officers of the new fire company are Everett M. Price, foreman; Barney King, asst. foreman; Charles H. Hawkins, secretary, and John H. Weldner, treasurer.”

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