Yarrington genealogy


Notes from Joseph Hammond and Rachel Yarrington
(Johnathan's daughter).

Also from Richardson's Books on Genealogy

William Yarrington, b. Wales, d. 1725- M. Abiab Woodward, of Amsterdam, Holland. Settled at Beverley, Mass., 1696. Moved to Preston, Conn., 1706, and died in Stonington, Conn.
Nine Children-William, Elizabeth,
Peter. Baptized 1696. M. Abigail Lamb, 1721, at Preston, Conn.
Children-Preston, Rufus, William, Simon, Elijah. Abigail. Keziah Amaziah
William (our ancestor) m. Rebecca Dayton, daughter of Johnathan. Was a school teacher in Stonington, Conn., and was noted for his beautiful penmanship. B. 1703, d. 1746 at Smithtown, and buried at Mill's Pond, Long Island.
Four cbildren-Johnathan, William, Desire, Rachel.
Ezekial, b, 1704, m. Jerusha Avery, lived in Stonington, Conn.
Children-Desire, Ezekial, Laura, Jerusha, Amos, Joseph, b. 1742, Deborah, Phoebe.
Rachel, b. 1707, at Preston, Conn. M. Amos Richardson.
First child b. 1725, Nathan.
Ebenezer b. 1710.

William Yarrington b. 1703, d. 1746.
Four children -Johnathan, m. Sarah Smith. Children-Rachel
Sally, m. Samuel Hammond, whose son Mowbray was the father of Deborah Stevens.
Charry, m. Zechariah Hawkins.
Nathan, m. Pruella Woolsey.
Achsah, m. William Yarrington (first cousin).
William. Desire, m. Elisha Hammond, Rachel.
This second son William, b. 1735, near Smithtown (revolutionary ancestor), m. Chloe Cleveland, daughter of Rev. Benjamin Cleve-land. Eleven children.
William, b. 1764, m. in 1803 Achsah Yarrington (as second wife), b. 1779, d. 1845,
Family of first wife, in Glencove section, kept a tannery there.
Achsah's children.
John Wesley, b. 1804, in Flushing, L. I., d. 1879. M. in 1825, Sarah Spears, b. 1807, d. 1895. Both died in Sayville, L. I.
Mary Ann, b. 1806. M. George Campbell. b. 1803.
Harriet Smith, b. 1807, died young.
John Wesley lived on Broadway, met grandmother singing before three thousand in New York. She was of Dutch descent and went to school up the Hudson. Her mother's name was Lucinda Brooks. Brothers Charles and William. Sisters, Jane m. Judge Bogart. Delia m. Mr. Olmstead. Katherine m. Mr. Bumstead.
Phoebe m. Mr. Stone.

William b. 1735- M.- Chloe Cleveland. Had eleven children. Children-1. William m. Achsah Yarrington.
2. Ann. 3. Benjamin. 4. Cleveland.
5. Frederic m. Anna Hammond, daughter of Elisha Hammond 6. Rebecca, 7, Daniel,
8. Uriah b, 1780. m. Ann Thier, of New York City. Six children. Jacob Thier, m. Anna Maria Perlee, daughter of Dr, Perlee. of New Orleans, Three children-Watson, Frank, Pauline.
Second wife, Eugenia Rebecca Lacon. of Alabama. Children-William and Jacob, the latter residing In Oakland, Cal.
William. Ann Eliza, Rev. Benj. Mowatt, Greenwich. Conn. Joshua Qureau. Charles Wright.
Children-Charles Wright, Jr. James Fitch. Mary Ann. Cornelius. William Robert. Margaret King. Elizabeth. Beujamin Mowatt. Uriah. Cleveland. Margaret King No. 2 9. Desire. 10. Rachel. 11. Johnathan.

John Wesley's children-Mary Ann, died in childhood. William, m. Hannah Rose, George, m. Sarah Davis

Charles W., b. September 16, 1832, d. November 11, 1911, M. May 8, 1854, Joanna Skinner, b. Feb. 15, 1835, d Feb. 18, 1906.
Children-Charles, died at 30.
Adrian M., m. Marie H. Lefebvre. Child, Fred. L. Yarrington.
Viola, m. William F. L'Ecluse,
Samuel Hammond, m. Grace L'Ecluse. Child, Dorothea
-Harriet L., m. William Skinner. Second husband, Thomas Crosby
Child, Minette.
John W., m. Sarah Smith. Levi W.
Osborne, m. Emma Tuthill. Adelia, m. Sidney Smith.

Archives of State of New York. The Revolution.
Yarrington, William. May 1, '79, enlisted. Capt. John Davis Co.
4th Reg. New York. Commanded by Col. Frederick Weissenfels
New York in the Revolution as Colony and State.
2nd Regt. New York, under Col. Philip Van Cortlandt
Record arranged and classified by James A. Roberts, Comptroller.
William Yarrington, 3rd Regiment of New York.
Capt. Griffing's Company. Commanded by Col. James Clinton.
Account in Payroll of Capt. Roe, Troops ending May r, 1776.
When on this payroll, service regiments had not been formed. Later most of them appeared in regiments. Most of them in the 4th Regiment.

Johnathan Yarrington, Achsah's father. in Col. Clinton's army, double line.
Johnathan Yarrington, married Sarah Smith.
Same book on Capt. Roe's payroll, in Daniel Griffing's CO., 2nd New York Regt., commanded by Col. James Clinton. Enlisted March 2ad, 1776.

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