Ellis Island Webquest

1.   Visit Scholastic  to research immigration.


2.  Be sure to take notes about the
     immigrant experience:





3.  You will also need to consult non-fiction books that 
     discuss your family's
heritage in order to determine
     the hardships that they faced causing them to
     come to America. 


4.  You will be responsible for creating a letter
     detailing your 
journey to the new world during the  
     years 1892 - 1897 and 1900 - 1945.


Base your letter on your family’s heritage.


Letter Guidelines


1.  Begin with Dear (Mom, Dad, name of a family


2.  Describe in detail your reason/s for leaving and the
     journey that you took.  Did you travel 1st class, 2nd
     class or steerage?  What was it like?  How many
     days did you sail for?  What was the weather like?   


3.  Talk about the examination at Ellis Island if you had


4.  What were you thinking as you sailed passed the
     Statue of Liberty?


5.  Were you able to find affordable housing and a job?


6.  Do you have any regrets about leaving?


7.  Have you made any friends?


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